Do You Have CCS?


Have you ever heard of CCS? It’s stands for…

Content Constipation Syndrome.

Of or pertaining to an individual who is stuck for or having a hard time getting out content.

I used to have it.

Very painful indeed.

My head used to ache something awful.

Then I discovered some incredibly resourceful ways to get around that problem and lo and behold the ideas started coming faster than I could write them down.

But now I had a new problem… content diarrhea.

I had to find a balance somewhere and I found it right around the 150 – 300 word range.

If a person spends all their time reading… when are they going to find the time to do anything?

Before you know it they’ll be reading someone else’s verbal diarrhea and moving further and further away from any chance of getting something done because of all the confusion and overwhelming amount of content rolling around in their brain.

Need some ideas?

Check this out.

What do you think?

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