Drive Traffic To Your Blog – 3 Tips for Using Article Marketing To Increase Your Blog Traffic

One of the great things about blogging is that regardless of how many websites pop up on the internet if you produce good quality unique content, you can still find your blog ranking well on the search engines and drawing visitors. However, what if you could boost an already powerful content management system to suck in higher levels of traffic?

In this article we’ll talk about how you can drive traffic to your blog with article marketing and give you 3 tips to ensure it’s effectiveness.

To get the ball rolling it’s important to understand that article marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to any website on the internet. Period.

However there are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind that will help you to use article marketing for maximum effectiveness. So let’s get into them.

Tip #1 Article directories are best suited for a formal writing style. When a visitors comes to an article directory looking for information it’s usually because they have a problem they’re looking to solve and your published article is a representation of your expertise.

If you are going to use any the previously written articles from your blog, it may be a very good idea to rewrite your content to better suit the visitors that come to an article directory.


Because blogs are more suited to an informal writing style and the majority of visitors that are coming to your blog are repeat visitors so they are a little more familiar with you and your manner of conversation.

Article directories feature “articles”, formal pieces of literature although not literary masterpieces that provide value to each visitor by supplying the needed information they are looking for in a coherent and logical way.

If you’re visitor has never visited your blog and their first contact with you is through an article directory, how would you like them perceive you and your business?

Tip #2 Post your articles on your blog and make sure to give free reprint rights to your readers so that you can maximize the mileage you can get from your articles. If you provide free reprint rights to your articles this will give your website even wider exposure as your readers may decide to use your content to populate their blogs.

With the link in your resource box pointing back to your blog on their site you are in position to exponentially increase the amount of traffic your blog will receive. In short, by offering free reprint rights in the bio portion of your article you’re giving yourself an opportunity to benefit from the power of viral marketing.

Tip #3 Social Bookmark Your Articles. Social bookmarking sites are very powerful when it comes to increasing backlinks and exposure for your blog, but what if you could throw a little nitrous oxide on your article marketing efforts by bookmarking your articles on your blog?

What if you were to bookmark your rss feed from the article directory itself that contains your articles? This could result in a serious spike in traffic and catapult your blogs rankings in the search engines tremendously.

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