Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy – A Powerful Gateway To Effective Website Promotion

If you’re looking for a simple and powerful strategy for marketing your website and increasing your overall exposure, ebooks are a highly effective method for getting the job done. In this article we’ll talk about why an ebook internet marketing strategy is important to the marketing and promotion of your website.

A huge benefit to publishing an ebook is that you are able to position yourself  as an expert in the eyes of your audience instantaneously. Often times people are looking for published material by the individual they are considering making a purchase from to ensure that they are getting information from someone who can truly help them.

So it’s of the utmost importance to make sure that the information you publish offers the highest value possible as this will immediately position you and your business in a prominent light.

Many of the top marketers online employ an ebook marketing strategy that basically consists of an introductory offer that’s usually free in order to whet the appetite of their audience.

These free ebooks are often used to promote related affiliate programs as well as cross related offers. What makes using free and paid ebooks such an effective internet marketing strategy is that they give you an opportunity to warm your audience to your persona and build credibility simultaneously.

Ebooks are a great way to introduce your prospects to your marketing funnel giving you the opportunity to present related higher ticket items.

The key to effective marketing with this strategy is to focus 90% of the content on actually supplying useful information that empowers your readers with content that they can take action on and apply with reasonably immediate results.

One mistake that can easily kill the effectiveness of this strategy is to disguise your ebook to resemble a 20-30 page ad. Not only will this turn off your readers, but it will create an air of suspicion that can all but kill the responsiveness of your target market.

An effective ebook marketing strategy can help you to spread your brand, be it your name, your face, the name of your company or all of the above when you attach an  affiliate program to it or in the case of a free ebook you give your readers giveaway rights.

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Fernando Morales is an internet and affiliate marketing coach, consultant and editor of the No Gurus Necessary exclusive internet marketing newsletter.

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  • This post outlines the advantages of providing ebooks to your visitors through the use of affiliate marketing and cross platform offers or even pointing to additional products or services you offer yourself.

    Being in the resell rights ebook market myself I can attest to how well this form of advertising/marketing works. Especially when the offer(s) being presented in the ebook compliment the material you are presenting your audience.

    On a side note I am really enjoying this blog. This information being provided is great and is an easy read without over complicating the message.

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