Effective Article Writing – Can You Focus Longer Than 300 Words?

Have you ever read an insanely long blog post or article that you clicked away from before you reached the end of the article? What happened, was it the content? Was the quality of the article poor or do you just have a hard time concentrating longer than 300 words?

If you are going to write content for a living especially on a blog it’s important to remember that most people have a hard time staying focused long enough to read articles or blog posts longer than 300 words.

So this means that you have to write in short info blasts that get to the point and keep your readers coming back for more. Have you ever gotten an email that read like a short novel? Do you read every word or just skip right to the link or the P.S.?

What’s the first thing you think about the next time you get an email from that person? Nice guy, but the mails are too long. See ya. The same thing happens with blog posts and articles. If the posts or articles are too long than two things will happen:

1. Your reader will click away long before they reach your bio box in your article

2. After they read that epic literary masterpiece on your blog, they ain’t coming back.


They just don’t have the time. One of the things that the internet facilitates is speed. When you do a search online it’s because you want to condense the time frame needed to find what you’re looking for right away. It’s the same way with your blog readers, if you can give them short info blasts that satisfy a question that was on their minds… they’ll be back.

An upside to this is that you don’t have to spend hours writing one or two posts. You can break up your material into easily digestible and actionable chunks that will benefit your readers far more than an all out brain dump.

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  • This is what other blogger should read. Many people read blogs with more than 300 words and sometimes it makes them feel tired reading so they jump to other website.

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