Closing The Gap Between You and Your Visitors

closingthegap1Recently I was thinking about the relationships I have with some of my closest friends and how it is we got to be so close.

If you’re like me, very rarely do you ever like somebody enough when you first meet them to want to deal with them again anytime soon after.

But every now and again you meet someone that is so down to earth and real that you actually look forward to spending time with them again.

Typically when I meet someone like that I find that I’m really interested in wanting to find out how it is they got to be so cool.

It’s like there is something about them that makes me wish I could be like them and still be who I am at the same time.

Is this making sense?

I hope so, because I hate it when I look back on a post that sounds like I’m just rambling on.

You’ll let me know in the comments section I guess.


When I meet someone that makes me feel refreshed and good about myself I tend to do whatever it is I have to do to try and spend more time with them.

I’ve noticed that the internet marketers who tend to do really well are able to develop relationships like this with the people they interact with on their websites and on their email subscriber lists.

It’s like they somehow have figured out a way to communicate through writing the same way they would if they were talking with you face to face.

Whenever I’m rummaging through my email inbox I will usually open emails from certain marketers simply because THEY sent it.

Note: That list of certain marketers isn’t very big.

Most of the time they don’t even use fancy headline tactics or anything like that.

But I know that based on the conversational style and realness of their message I’m going to get something of value out of it.

Opening that message or reading their latest blog post will not have been a waste of time.

So the question is: “how do you close the gap between you and the people who visit your website?”

Well when you think about how relationships are started the first thing we need to know about each other is our Name.

If someone was to introduce you to another person they said was a really good friend of theirs, but didn’t know their name, would you believe they were really close friends?


But there is something else I’ve noticed, that happens in the very beginning of the relationship building process that doesn’t start with the exchanging of names.

There is a secret evaluation process that goes on in your head that the person you’re meeting doesn’t know about.

(Well they don’t know about it if they’re not reading this post)

When I first meet someone I tend to evaluate whether the things they are talking about are of enough interest to me to even care about getting to know their name.

Have you ever met someone whose initial conversation was so boring or uninteresting that you just wanted to throw up?

What about someone who just constantly glorifies themselves?

You know, the kind of people who in their mind are the greatest thing since sliced bread?

If you’re like me you probably wish you could instantly teleport yourself to any place but there.

People who visit our websites feel the same way we do and online all it takes to instantly teleport yourself into a better and more enjoyable situation is to click the ‘back’ button.

When you and I visit a website don’t we tend to see whether or not we like the initial conversation first before we even bother trying to remember the domain name?

If we like what we see, we’ll stick around and look to see what else they’ve got and we’ll probably bookmark the site and come back from time to time to see what’s going on.

If we really like it we might even pick up the rss feed or become an email subscriber right?

But if we don’t care too much for the content, we most likely won’t be back… ever.

So it’s good to evaluate from time to time what the content on our website is like.

Have a friend or family member visit your site and read some of your material.

Ask them how they honestly feel about it and don’t get upset (like I used to) when they give you their opinion.

Look for ways to tweak the content on your site to make it a more enjoyable experience for your visitors.

If they like it they will stick around, come back and start interacting with you giving you a chance to close the gap between you and them, grow your relationship and establish your own community.

It took me some time to learn what I’m sharing with you today.

What I’ve shared with you today is not something I recognized right away so if a light bulb just came on in your head don’t worry… It probably took me a lot longer than it took you to understand this stuff.

The most successful businesses online understand the value of  Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers that’s why they have massive customer bases of loyal clients who won’t deal with anyone else but them no matter how many choices there are.

I hope to have that kind of business in the future, what about you?

I enjoyed writing that and I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂


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