Email Marketing Secrets That Can Rapidly Increase Your Revenue

Email marketing is a huge way to increase your affiliate revenue and is one of the most cost efficient ways to build your online business.

After all there’s no postage and you don’t have to jump in your car everytime you want to send it out.

However there are a couple of tips that can help you to increase your revenue.

A misconception for emailing your list is to constantly bombard them with offer after offer.

Depending on the type of relationship you have with your members this may not work out so well.

If the people on your list have come to trust your recommendations and don’t mind getting multiple marketing messages, great.


On the other hand if the relationship between you and your list is not as strong, it may take more time to develop.

A simple way to work at building your relationship is to provide useful content that they can use if they choose to, in their marketing strategies.

So how often should you mail your list?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 to 3 times per week is good number to work with.

You can email once a week, but the likelihood of your members forgetting about you is great, because of all the other emails in their inbox shouting to get their attention.

One other tip that can help to increase your affiliate revenue is to vary the length of your mails.

Keep the majority of them relatively short, because people are so busy these days, they may not opt to read your letters if they have to scroll a little ways to get to the end.

They’ll end up putting your message on the back burner and that usually means it won’t get read.

Finally, a great way to find the perfect offers and content to provide, is to ask.

Short simple surveys can go a long way to helping you to build a solid and profitable relationship with your list.

A good site you can use to generate free surveys for your subscribers is Survey

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