Fast Cash Internet Marketing Strategy Exploited by 64 year old Granny

Everywhere you look there is some new fast cash internet marketing strategy that promises to attract cash to your bank account like a magnet to steel… but rarely if ever works.

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of advertisements that almost reach into your pocket as if they were feeling around for your wallet.

Hey, this is the wonderful world of marketing or should I say internet marketing and if the salescopy and the headline doesn’t make you look… what will?

Well the product that I want to talk to you about today is WSO Blueprint by Derrick VanDyke.

WSO Blueprint promises to show you how to launch your own 5 figure WSO (Warrior Special Offer) as well as:

  • How to create a product in one day that’s practically guaranteed to sell
  • A simple 9 step formula for writing WSO sales copy that sizzles
  • How to setup a sales funnel that can easily double your profits within 7 days
  • Strategically prelaunch your offer and get hundreds of JV partners to mail for you
  • Critically important tasks that you must complete during and after the launch

Now I will tell you right off the bat that if you’re not familiar with WSO’s you will need to review this course a couple of times as well as visit the warrior forum to see what’s going on.

Although the headline in the sales copy for this course reads:

64-Year Old Grandma, Suffering From Technophobia, Makes $10,069 on Her First WSO…

If you know nothing about WSO’s you’re gonna have to let Derrick take you by the hand and show you all the in’s and out’s for creating a real 5 figure WSO otherwise you’ll more than likely crash and burn on your own.

What’s included in WSO Blueprint?

There are 7 videos  explaining:

How to Make a Sales Letter Image

An Introduction and Overview

Creating Your Product

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

Setting Up Your Pre-Launch Site

Launching Your WSO

You will also get:

A WSO mindmap

Outsourcing instructions

Sales and JV templates

Derrick is very surgical in his approach to explaining each part of the process and has offered to create videos on demand to clarify any parts of the process that may be confusing to his customers.

Here’s what some warrior forum members are saying about this course:

I just watched the first video. Nice job!

I am speaking as a 60-year-old grandmother 8-)… my first WSO was a 4-figure WSO … the next one will be a 5-figure product. Thanks for creating this.

This is an INSANE crazy value for what he is giving away. If you want to know how to WOW your next WSO buyers get this.

Charles Kirkland


Just made the purchase – looks very easy to follow.

You won’t believe this. Just this morning I was thinking of doing a search to find training on exactly how to do a WSO including the technical details. Figured there must be a product like that.

Then, I got an email from Charlie Page. I always trust his recommendations. What timing!

I’m excited to get started with it. The bonus of getting a video as needed will be very helpful.


BOTTOM LINE: I think anyone would find this WSO planning, product creation, JV recruiting/management, and customer interaction advice PLUS template downloads and bonuses useful. It doesn’t matter whether you end up launching and selling your products on the Warrior Forum or elsewhere. Highly recommended!

Mary Greene

So what is my recommendation?

Well for starters if you’re not interested in learning how to create your own products this may not be for you. Hey, some people would rather market products as an affiliate and the truth is this is not what WSO Blueprint is about.

On the positive side:

If you understand the value of creating your own products and spend anytime on the Warrior Forum, then you know that WSO’s are a really fast way to jump start your internet marketing business and your income.

WSO Blueprint is a practical product that can help you to learn the in’s and out’s of quick product creation from someone who actually does it.

So with all of that said you can click here to have a look at WSO Blueprint and see if this fast cash internet marketing strategy is something you want to pursue.

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