Find A Niche Test It With A Blogger Blog Tweak

Just a quick post to highlight the value of taking action and the simplicity of finding and testing a niche. I recently visited the Warrior Forum and came across a post requesting a critique of a new blogger blog. The blog is focusing on the hip hop  niche. The layout was pretty smooth and I found it to be tastefully done.

However the point here is that the person who put it together is new to marketing online. What they’ve done anyone can do and it just illustrates the possibilities that are available to you. If you are in the process of considering a niche but you’re not sure how it will do, start a blog on blogger and see how the market responds.

Once you get some feedback then you can tweak it until it provides the value your marketplace is looking for. If you find that you are getting a good response and have a way to monetize your blog effectively, you may want to consider taking it to another level and setting up a WordPress blog on your own domain with Blue Host or HostGator.

This will allow you to brand your site without behind your name and it will make it easier for people to remember your domain name. You can also create a newsletter and start building a list so that you can inform them of new content and special offers related to your chosen niche.

The best part about doing it this way is that it’s free and when you’re ready to move up and take it to another level you can always copy and paste the content from the free blog to your hosted one.

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  • Porte on November 20, 2010


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