First Page Of Google, High Page Rank And Other Time Wasting Activities

Hey, you’re probably wondering what the heck this post is all about, well I’m going to tell you but first I got to ask you a very serious question.

How much money are you making from your pagerank?

What about that first page ranking for your keyword?

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get the most amount of search engine exposure for your website as you can and if you are doing well in that area I hope that it is making you a lot of money.

But the truth is, that for most of the people who are trying desperately to crack the top ten for their target keyword on Google, they are wasting their time.

Especially if they have very little money and an even lesser amount of time before the car gets repossessed, the sheriff comes knocking with an eviction notice or unemployment runs out.

I’m saying this to you and anyone else that will listen because I’ve been there and done that in terms of getting free traffic and while I have managed to create systems for generating lots of it, the truth of the matter is that it takes time.

Even if you could write a million articles and submit them by next week, you still would not get the kind of traffic you need to dig yourself out of the financial hole you may be in right now.

This is where I was for awhile before I realized that I was going about this whole traffic and conversion thing all wrong and it is my hope that those of you who may be riding the free traffic carousel right now will be able to get off.

You see, the fact of the matter is that if you’re seriously considering a career in internet marketing than you’re going to have to invest in traffic.

There is no two ways about it and believe me I tried to circumvent the system by using all kinds of ways to get traffic, but the reality is that when you first start out, there is no way you’ll be able to generate the kind of momentum you need to get your business to take off.

The biggest objection that I continually hear and it’s one that kept me thinking the same way as many people do, is that I don’t have enough money to start with.

That may be the case for some people but I don’t believe it’s the case for most, simply because of the amount of products that are purchased within the IM market alone.

If you’re familiar with the Warrior Forum, then you know that WSO’s (warrior special offers) are purchased night and day as if they were going out of style and the mass majority of the buyers in that forum… don’t have any money.

I used to be one of them. I bought product after product and at anytime I heard that it was going to involve a little more of an investment, I balked and considered it to be a scam just to get more of my money.

But the reality is that I was not ready to accept the fact that building a business on the internet is just that… a business.

Any business you build will require an upfront investment from you, whether it be your time or your money, and until you accept that fact you will continue to do what I did for far too long and waste both.

How long do you want to keep sinking time into getting that first page Google ranking? How much more time do you want to invest in trying to increase the page rank of your blog?

Sure you can litter your posts with affiliate links and hope for the occasional commission every now and then, but if that’s your plan to generate wealth online than you better start drafting your resume right now because the kind of traffic you’re going to need to make that work is gonna take way more work than you’re willing to put in on a J-O-B.

If this post is coming off as somewhat negative, think again.

If you were to start pricing different advertising mediums that would allow you to reach your target audience much faster than you’re currently reaching them now at an investment that probably would be far less than what you’ve shelled out for all those ‘get rich quick’ products you’ve got sitting on your hard drive, you probably would be making at least twice as much as you have already spent online.

Is free traffic bad?

No not at all.

But if you’re using free traffic methods alone to get your internet business off the ground… you’re gonna hit the wall and give up or worse…

You’ll keep on doing that for the next five to ten years… not good.

I’ve got something in the works that I’m thinking about sharing with you, but I’m still tweaking and testing it right now.

Anyway, start looking into ezine solo ads, banner ads and other ppc traffic sources and stop playing at internet marketing like I use to.

Time is of the essence and the faster you start to generate ‘real’ revenue for your business the faster you will be able to make some different choices about where your next vacation will be, how long it will be and whether or not you want to give your boss his pink slip and tell him to go take a long walk off a short pier or something to that effect.

Hope this helps,

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