Get Massive Backlinks Fast In Less Time

When it comes to achieving top spots in the search engines, getting massive backlinks fast is the name of the game. However just any old backlinks won’t do and it’s important that you don’t waste time scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The most powerful backlinks are the kind that are connected to quality content. Quality search engines provide customers with content tightly related and relevant to what people are looking for and as such profit from the massive amounts of advertisements strategically placed around that content.

It is for this reason that article marketing is such a powerful way to obtain high PR backlinks back to your website. However it is important that the articles you provide deliver content that  benefits you as well as the search engines.

Why is this important? Writing quality articles is important because while you may get a backlink to your site, eventually that article will get buried in the article directory and the strength of that link will diminish.

However, do you know who profits from junk articles? The article directory, because there will be about a dozen adsense ads surrounding the article. So if your article doesn’t deliver the searcher will just give the article directory the money. Not good.

While writing quality articles although profitable and good for your credibility is important, they can be quite time consuming to write. To get massive backlinks fast and see really good traffic coming to your site, how many articles do you think you would have to write?

Try 100-300. That’s a lot of work. But what if you could turn every article you write into 10 or 20 quality versions of itself?

What if you could spend 20 – 30 minutes creating 10 – 20 articles instead of one? The alternative is you could spend between $5 to $10 an article from a ghostwriter or buy some private label rights, but even with private label rights you still have to modify the content to include your keywords and make sense.

I’ve tried different article spinners and while I was able to get them to work, it still took a considerable amount of time and effort before I could begin submitting quality reworked versions of my original articles.

Well not too long ago I received a promotion for Matt Callen’s Article Apps and decided to give it a try. I have to say that initially I thought it was going to be just like everything else out there, but this software is really good.

With Article Apps I was able to spin higher quality reworked versions in far less time than it used to take me with other article spinners. You won’t have to deal with these { } symbols and there is even a thesaurus you can use to find additional phrases and words if you run out of ideas.

There are a lot of cool features and it has made the job of writing articles and submitting them to article directories much more enjoyable, because I don’t enjoy writing for long periods of time.

So if you want to get massive backlinks fast for better search engine rankings and higher profits, take a moment to check out Article Apps and start dominating the search engines with your quality content.

You know what else? You can try it out free.

11 Responses to “Get Massive Backlinks Fast In Less Time”

  • Article marketing is certainly very powerful. It is also very time consuming but if you are going to go down this route, my advice is never give up!

  • Thanks so much for the informative post. Publishing quality articles is a great way to develop one way links to your site. I have found that by focusing on original content.. and spinning the article to make them truly unique is an effective strategy as well. For Google, the majority of SEO is related to inbound linking so this strategy is right on!

    • nando on June 19, 2009

      Thanks for the comments.

      Microsoft Xbox 360,
      Thanks for offering the encouraging advice, it does take a great deal of focus and determination, but the end result is well worth the time.

      SEO training guy,
      Glad you liked the article. Btw, I checked out your website and blog, Good Stuff!


  • I agree. And I thought i saw it practically. Submitting article is not only you are submitting content and link, you are also control of it.

    It takes good effort though.

  • Katy on June 24, 2009

    Pretty good post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon!

    • nando on June 24, 2009

      Thank you very much for the kind words.

      I look forward to providing as much useful and informative material as possible.


  • Kirk on June 25, 2009

    i’ve read several entries discussing the value of article marketing to you and to your site; some have tackled several problems with article spinner softwares… don’t they generally produce a bunch of mumbo jumbo versions of the original article? will appreciate input from anybody.. thanks!

    • nando on June 25, 2009

      Hi Kirk,

      The fast answer to your question is: yes. However…

      When it comes to using article spinners it’s not about plugging an article into them and then hitting spin. That will never work. What most people are looking for is something that will eliminate work altogether and it doesn’t exist.

      With article spinning it takes at least 20 – 30 minutes to carefully go over each sentence and word in order for the finished versions to make sense and be useful. As stated in the article you can spend 20 – 30 minutes writing and preparing an article to be spun into 10-20 quality versions of itself or you can spend that same time having only one article to show for your efforts.

      Hope that helps,

  • I think your article have good enough content and helps lot about backlinks. But, does article links are too much important? I don’t like to post articles to free article submission sites. Also i know that there are few tools to submit articles as batch. How much they are effective?

  • Trista Cordy on October 26, 2010

    Often remarks like these will be difficult to trust but there’s plenty of relevant and valuable details here. People who post this info are to be thanked.

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