Get More Traffic to Your Website With Highly Optimized Blog Posts

Blogs are a very good and easy way to generate traffic and create your presence online. However if there is one thing you must have in order for blogging to be profitable for you and that is targeted visitors.

If you want to generate the kind of traffic that results in profits, you need the kind of visitors that are looking for exactly what it is your offering.

In order to attract highly targeted visitors from the search engines, it’s important that you pick keywords with a reasonable amount of searches and that are closely related to the content you’re providing in order to make money with your blog.

A big misconception out there is that so long as you have a blog with a lot of content on it and some banners or adsense, you will instantly start making money. This is wrong and unless you enjoy experiencing frustration (which I’m sure you don’t) you’ll do keyword research.

Keyword research is actually not as complicated as the keyword software producers make it seem, but it is crucial to developing content that pulls in sales.

Another way to optimize your blog posts is to follow the same rules you would follow if you were optimizing a page on a static website.

Use your keyword in your title, a couple of times in your post and don’t be overly concerned about keyword density. Just write like you talk and keep it simple.

Include your keyword in your tags as well as related keywords and believe it or not you’ll start getting the kind of visitors that will make your blogging worthwhile.


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  • Laticia Stasiuk on February 9, 2010

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  • xander on July 11, 2010

    thanks nice tips
    maybe i will do some key word research

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