Is It Safe To Get Back Links Using Software or Not?

Ever since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates it seems like a lot of people are holding their breathe for fear that their sites might get wiped out altogether if they add one more back link.

So you wanna build backlinks eh?

So you wanna build backlinks eh?

Well let’s face it, Google would like nothing better than for all of us to buy advertising through them but at the same time this could potentially cause marketers to promote another search engine that’s more organic-friendly.

Hey if the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising can topple whole governments, who says Google is immune to the same thing?

But we’ll save that topic for another time.

What we need to clear up right now is that automating the task of getting backlinks to your website is NOT what is hurting so many websites online right now.

All along the conversation surrounding back links and page rank have a lot to do with ‘natural’ link building.

Right now if you build thousands of back links to your website all with the same anchor text, to the Big-G… that’s not natural.

If you use automation software to get thousands of back links from Do-Follow sites alone, that can be considered unnatural link development and send a red flag to the ‘Almighty-G’.

The kind of back link development that has always worked and still continues to work involves getting links from a diversified portfolio of websites.

That means that you have to mix it up constantly and the only way to do that is to systematize your work load so that the regular consistent flow of back links to your site looks natural.

Something that crossed my mind when the whole Penguin/Panda pandemic struck was the fact that if you suddenly STOP getting links to your site… G00-gul would see that as unnatural and penalize your site anyway.

So the point is that you still need to build backlinks to your website but you need to build in tiers or layers and create quality content with diversified anchor text as you link through to each tier and ultimately to your primary website.

If you’re thinking that what we’re talking about sounds like a lot of work… it is.

The work of getting backlinks can be tedious to say the least but it still works, so if you’re in a position to outsource it make sure that your team of workers understands what I’ve mentioned above.


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