Getting Targeted Traffic – This Is One of My Secret Weapons

It’s amazing how hot the topic of getting targeted traffic is in the internet marketing world. I mean everybody from bloggers to product creators to affiliate marketers constantly talk about it.

I guess if there is one thing that will always be in demand it’s the need for targeted traffic.

Well I want to share with you one of my secret weapons for getting the backlinks I need to rank my sites well on the search engines so I can get this laser targeted visitor traffic.

Before I do, I have to say that despite all of the hoopla concerning the Panda update, there is something you should know and this is important because so many people are heading for the hills over this and that is…

Blog networks still work.

Oh, I’m sorry… was that my outside voice?

It’s true. Blog. Networks. Still. Work.

If Blog Networks Still Work Than What Happened?

One of the reasons BMR (build my rank) and ALN (Authority Link Network) and reportedly LinkVana bore the brunt of the latest Google Panda update is because the majority of the content that was floating around in those networks was total crap.

With the advent of all the various scrapers and spinners out there it’s very easy to see how this could happen. So good ole Google in the best interest of it’s searchers decided to pull the plug on all that junk content.

Now here’s the thing. Remember when Ezine Articles got slapped? While everyone else was jumping ship and shouting that the ‘sky was falling’, EZA is still a very productive traffic source.

Quality Content Is Being Enforced

And with these latest updates, the aforementioned sites above haven’t gone anywhere they’ve just been forced to purge themselves of the utter garbage that lazy marketers dared to call articles.

So having said all that one of the blog networks I use for getting targeted traffic and backlinks is the Free Traffic System. The Free Traffic System has an alexa ranking of 9,906 which is pretty darn good considering it’s a blog network. (shhhh!)

If you haven’t heard yet, link diversity and good content that actually informs, educates or entertains people is what Google is looking for. That means that us marketers might actually have to do some (dare I say it?) w-o-r-k.

Well that’s just one of my secret weapons. If you want to get a closer look at how I go about getting targeted traffic and high search engine rankings check out Atomic Article Traffic.

Have you found what I’m sharing with you to be true? What’s been your experience? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.



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