Getting To First Base

Getting to first base with a girl was all I could think about when I was a budding teenager.

I used to talk with my friends and look to them for advice but I had one problem that needed to be solved first.

I needed a girl.

I was too afraid to approach them.

Well eventually I learned that getting to first base wasn’t the issue.

I had to get in the game first.

It’s a lot like buying new products to enhance your business when you don’t even have a business to begin with.

How do you go about getting traffic to a website that doesn’t exist?

How do you build a website to sell a specific a product if you don’t know who the target market for your product is?

How do you make money from a website that doesn’t have any products to sell?

You got to get in the game first.

Getting to first base in business means closing your first sale.

But you have to know who you’re targeting, what they want and then create a website to sell it.

There’s an even faster way to do all of this, but we’ll talk about that another time.

In the meantime…

Get in the game.

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