Google Domination: What You Should Be Paying Attention To…

Getting on the first page of Google for your targeted search term can be an exhilarating experience. When you look at all those competing sites in the search results battling for the coveted #1 spot on the first page of Google and you see your site there you feel like the king of the world.

But are you?

One giant mistake a lot of marketers make is focusing all their time and attention on getting their site ranked on that illustrious first page of Google. Why is that a mistake? It’s a mistake in the sense that all the traffic that search term may produce, might not be buying traffic.

Who cares if a search term gets a million searches a day, if none of that traffic buys from you? It’s like sitting in the middle of Times Square (New York) with your doors wide open for business and nobody walks in to buy something.

What you should be paying attention to are the keywords that result in paying customers. There are some keywords that get shoddy traffic, but due to the nature of what those people are looking for, everyone of them may be cash in hand customers.

There are some markets where it pays more to be buried in the search results, than to be on the first page, due to the nature and buying habits of the customer. So instead of sinking all your time and energy into getting top rankings for high traffic keywords, focus your efforts on getting traffic that results in a steady stream of sales and profits.

After all the customers don’t care if you’re on the first page of Google or not and you won’t care either if you ain’t making any money.

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