How do you handle the ups and downs?

Making a living from the internet can be quite wearisome at times especially if you’re computer isn’t behaving properly. When you’re 100% reliant on yourself in the beginning, the last thing you have patience for is a browser crash.

There are some that have experienced getting a site de-indexed after sinking a whole heap of time and energy to get it to rank well. There all kinds of little difficulties and challenges that present themselves when you’re trying to get something done.

How do you handle the challenges when they present themselves? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? From time to time you will experience annoyances, setbacks and failures, will you continue to press on or will you quit?

Here’s a barometer you can measure your thinking against. If you are ready to give up after a couple of little problems and inconveniences then you’re business is not a business. It’s a hobby.

However if you are running a business, you know that stuff happens and no matter what happens, the show must go on. Everyday people endure all kinds of setbacks, problems and issues, but they still go to work and get the job done.

If you can tailor that same tenacity to your business, then you are destined for success, it’s not a matter of, if… but when.

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P.S. Since we’re talking about ups and downs, here’s a cool video you might enjoy…
Yo-Yo Goes Pro
Yo-Yo Goes Pro

4 Responses to “How do you handle the ups and downs?”

  • Aditya on July 21, 2009

    There is only one way to handle ups and downs – to change according to situation and condition, just like water takes the shape of the vessel

  • Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

  • music videos on August 4, 2009

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