How Many Articles Do You Have To Write To Make Money Online?

How many articles have you written before you made any sales? Was it one or two, or maybe a hundred? Article marketing is certainly an effective way to make money online but it is not an over night deal. However there are ways to make quick money  with article marketing that don’t entail writing a million articles before you see cash flow…

One of the things you have to consider is the amount of competition in your chosen niche. How many other sites are competing with you for the same keywords? If you are in a highly competitive niche, chances are that you will have to submit anywhere from 100 to 200 articles in order to stand out as an authority and get the clicks that pay.

Equally as important is the quality of the article you write. If you just simply regurgitate already written information without putting a fresh twist or perspective on it, than be prepared to settle in for a long ride. However if you write your articles with a little bit of personality and viewpoint, you can gain your readers interest and attention which will grab you more clicks per article.

If you are willing to do niche research and keyword research you can find small segments of credit card ready buyers who are desperately seeking the information your providing who will click and pay. Just make sure that the product your promoting has a high conversion rate.

So if you’re using article marketing as your main source of traffic, just know that you’ll have to write a lot, so get comfortable with the idea. You may want to consider other traffic sources to supplement your efforts and get your content in front of as many people as possible without losing too much time.

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