How Many Internet Marketing Systems Do You Need?

confusingdiagram1Can I ask you a question? How many internet marketing systems do you think you can reasonably implement at one time?

Every other day there is an email promoting a new way to make money online and they are typically promoted as being the “new” way to reach the goal of living the internet lifestyle.

Before I really started to make any headway as an internet marketer I must’ve bought at least 10-20 different products designed to show me how to make money online.

So just like many other people trying to make the internet a profitable venture I would go from product to product or from ‘system’ to ‘system’ trying to make it work.

The only problem was that I never really stuck to one system long enough to make it work and here is what I mean by that…

Usually just about any system you decide to implement will not work 100% the way it was advertised simply because there are different factors to consider like…

  • Your experience as an internet marketer
  • The niche you choose to market in
  • Your ability to follow through on the directions provided
  • Going the extra mile to make tweaks and adjustments to make the system work for you

Now I have to tell you that if you’re completely new to the internet and don’t even have a site on the web, there is absolutely no need to concern yourself with traffic generation because…

With no system in place it’ll be virtually impossible to generate income from the traffic you get. After all without a website where are they going to go?

So the first thing you need to do is take into consideration what market you’re in and then find out what business model or ‘system’ the top sites in your market are using to convert the traffic they get into real sustainable income.

You may have heard that if you want to get what successful people get, you have to do what successful people do.

This is by far the fastest and easiest way to avoid the headaches that many others before you have had to deal with.

So at this point you need to…

  • Find a profitable market
  • Check out your competition and see how they are converting the traffic in that market into reliable income
  • Choose the business model that best fits with your abilities and then…
  • Do it

Will it work smoothly the first time? Probably not.
Should you expect obstacles and setbacks? Most definitely.
Will it work in the long run? Only if you keep at it and tweak your efforts along the way.

Q. Should you flog a dead horse?

A. Will that bring it back to life?

Sometimes you may find yourself doing everything you can to get your online business going but for one reason or another it just isn’t happening and you’ve been at it for at least 6 months to a year. Drop it.

  • The good is… you will have learned consistency as well as how to set up and implement a system to begin with.
  • The bad is… it didn’t work because…

You didn’t have the right product
People aren’t hungry for the information you’ve chosen to provide

Does that mean your time invested was a total loss?


Although your efforts may not have panned out the way liked on the first go round, you will at least have gained the experience needed to do a better job at selecting a more profitable market as well as find products that your target audience is willing to buy.

The way to success is not to confuse yourself with the plethora of systems that are available out there.

Here’s a very cool video that I’ve found that highlights the importance of choosing a business model or internet marketing system even further.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Please leave your comment below…

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