How The New York 1 News Channel Helped Me With My Marketing

Oh, The Trials and Tribulations…

At one point like a lot of people,  I used to struggle with trying to find content to deliver to my blog readers and email subscribers. It almost felt as if everything I wanted to say had already been said and any new idea I had was redundant.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt like you were just stuck mentally as if there was some kind of invisible barrier that kept you from coming up with new ideas that would be of interest to your readers and subscribers?

A Cup of Joe and NY1

Well this is where I was and it wasn’t until one day while sitting in my living room and watching the NY 1 news channel one morning while drinking a cup of coffee that I suddenly realized that I was making content generation a lot harder for myself than it needed to be.

In addition to that I also had another rather profound relevation that sparked a renewed sense of vigor for what I was doing and trying to accomplish online and I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

But first, let me tell you how NY1 helped me to overcome my struggle with coming up new content on a regular basis and pretty much at will.

Although NY1 is a news channel, it’s only recently that have they started to dispatch reporters to various locations to report live on breaking events. The primary way they have reported the news for a number of years was by gathering information from the major local papers like: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Daily News and Newsday.

“Anybody Could Do That!”

They did not do anything fancy. They simply had a newscaster sit at a desk and read various articles right out of the newspaper! How simple is that? “Anybody could do that”, I thought to myself and the funny thing is that many people in the New York Tri-State area absolutely love NY1.


Because it brings you the news in a no nonsense, straight to the point way without the fluff. No newscasters making stupid jokes, no waiting to find out what you want to know after the commercial break, none of that. Just the news, straight forward and to the point.

And This Relates To Internet Marketing How?

O.k. so how does the way NY1 reports the news help you?

Well for one, instead of busting your brain to come up with breaking news yourself why not do what they do and tap into the major players in your niche and simply report to your audience what they’re talking about.

No, you don’t have to be on location, or be the first one to break the story, all you have to do is bring that news to your audience and express yourself in your own words.

All you have to do is be… you.

Cool right?

It’s the “be you” part, that will help you to draw an audience that will look forward to your emails or blog posts despite the fact that they could easily read the story somewhere else and probably already have.

The Other Profound Revelation

So here’s the other revelation I had that I mentioned earlier.

Due to the fact that people by nature tend to be overly competitive and think from a position of lack, it’s very easy to think that in order to compete effectively for audience mindshare that you should not allow your readers or subscribers to be exposed to your competitors for fear that they might “jump ship” and unsubscribe from your list or stop reading your blog.

That’s about as ridiculous as thinking that if you are a soda drinker the moment you drink a bottle of water, you’ll never drink soda again.

When the fact is that you’ll continue to consume both depending on the situation and the circumstances.

It’s the same with email marketing and blogging.

If you happen to like a particular writers style you will not quickly abandon it because of something you read somewhere else would you?

If anything you’ll probably continue reading both and adding other content sources to your repertoire as you go along to get the information you need so that you can develop your own style.

The Main Thing

The main thing is to continue finding and posting the best content possible on a regular basis as this will help you to build a following that will come to rely on you for your contribution to their interests.

Pretty interesting stuff right? I tell you, after having that minor epiphany I couldn’t believe how unbelievably difficult I was making things for myself.

What do you think? Does what I shared with you make sense? Is there a suggestion you would like to make on the matter? Please leave your comment below and share your thoughts, experience and ideas…

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