How To Be Thoroughly Confused About Making Money Online In 30 Days or Less!

confusingbox1It starts with gathering up more information than any normal human being could reasonably process within a 24 hour period and then repeating that process over the course of 30 days.

But just gathering the information isn’t enough to get the job done.

You have to totally ignore some of it and just let it germinate on your hard drive until you have a moment when you’ve got some down time.

It’s at that time you’ll get curious enough out of sheer boredom and desperation that you’ll actually go ahead and take a quick look at what you bought 2 or 3 days ago.

The crazy thing about it is that in a very brief moment of clarity you’ll more than likely realize that if you just stuck to and applied the instructions you might actually make a few bucks.

But that’s too simple and after all it can’t be that simple.

Can it?

Maybe. Maybe not. Oh, oh. The confusion is starting to set in.

But we’re not all the way there yet.

We’re not all the way there yet because we still have some time left before the month is over.

Somehow we’ve got to find a way to justify the wasted time and money we’ve spent trying to learn everything there is about internet marketing.

That means we have to click on every offer in our email inbox and buy some more cheap $5 and $7 dollar products that promise to rid us of our inability to take action on what we already know.

Tick, tock.

The clock is winding down and the rent is due. The unemployment checks are about to run out and the freakin’ cable company is threatening to shut off our internet connection.

Gotta buy some more products. One of these things is going to work.

But which one?

Oh, wait a minute… you mean there’s work involved?

But I don’t have time to start from scratch.

I’ve already wasted the last 29 days trying to figure out how the heck you make money online and I haven’t made a cent.

This make money online deal is a scam.

Humurous? Maybe.

A reality for many?


A new movement is taking place in the internet marketing industry and while some have dubbed the experience above as shiny object syndrome it’s part of a much larger situation.

Find out more about the Microwave Marketing Movement.

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