How To Beat Information Overload In 3 Steps

Aargh! The frustration of having a million thoughts go off in your head and not knowing which one to tackle first. All these thoughts are swirling around in your head raising your blood pressure and causing anxiety because… you have INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

You know what makes the situation even worse? Not taking any action. This causes your anxiety level to build up to a point that makes you want to give up because you feel overwhelmed. Have I hit on any hot buttons yet? So what can you do to alleviate the pain and the stress?

I’ve outlined 3 simple steps you can take to regain your sanity and start feeling hopeful instead of hopeless.

1) Focus – In order to get your mind and emotions under control, you’ve got to stop for a moment. Try to prioritize what’s most important right now. If there were only one thing you could do right now to move your business forward what would it be? Whatever you’re answer is… do that.

2) Get everything else off of your desk. Turn off your computer if you have to. Get away from your email. Each of these could all be a step in themselves, but they all contribute equally to the problem. If you’ve got a million things around you, it’s like they’re all calling out to you at the same time like a room full of small children looking for attention. I don’t know about you, but that really stresses me out.

3) Take Action. Do Something, doggonit! The one thing that you felt could help your business grow is the one thing you need to be doing. The power in taking action is the sense of accomplishment that follows and this can spur you on to further action. The key is to take focused action-oriented steps. By doing this, the other distractions that caused you to feel anxious and overwhelmed will fade away allowing you to feel refreshed and re-energized enough to keep going.

Warning: Each day is sufficient for it’s own anxieties, meaning that tomorrow you will have to exercise these same steps all over again in order to fight off the frustration of Information Overload. With consistent focused effort and taking one day at a time, the success that may have eluded you up to this point will materialize right before your very eyes.

Cheering for you,


P.S. Been there, done that. Still have to fight it sometimes.

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