How To Create A Blog That Attracts Massive Readers In 10 Days

Ever consider how many blogs there are on the internet? This is a simple trick you can make use of to get a glimpse. Head over to Google and type in the search box “diet blogs”, “make money blogs”, “internet marketing blogs”, etc.

Once you see the results depending on your browser look in the upper left or right hand part of the page and you will see something that looks like this: About 20,300,000 results.

So it stands to reason that if you are thinking about making a blog that attracts readers you have to go beyond the basics to make it stand out among the millions that are being created everyday.



How do you create a blog that will get more attention and attract more readers than the rest of your competition?

Even more so how can you achieve this in 10 days?

Phase I – Content Generation

The first thing that you need to do is find a market that is desperately thirsting for specific information about something. Pay a visit to forums in that market to find out what sort of challenges persons are experiencing. What types of questions are they asking and how often are they asking them?

Visit other blogs that are ranking high in the search engines and have a peek at what they are writing about. Take special notice of the comments that individuals are making in response to the authors posts as this will give you additional insight as to what to create your blog about.

The next step is to start creating articles and posts that tackle the questions that your target market is asking. Create your articles in notepad or store them in microsoft word until you have around 20 of them.

Now you haven’t set up your blog yet, we are merely getting the subject material ready beforehand. Doing it like this will make building it as easy as copy and paste.

Phase II – Make It Sticky

The next thing that will seriously take your blog to the next level is to create videos explaining the answers you presented in your articles. Now you will have articles and videos to provide as quality specific content that will add to the stickiness of your blog. Stickiness means that people will stick around longer when they visit your site.

To produce the videos you can use a free video application called Jing which is owned by Techsmith the makers of Camtasia Studio. Your videos will be limited to five minutes, but that is more than enough time to present a quick tip.

By creating your blog this way you will very easily be able to outshine 99% of the competition in your market and get high search rankings because you are delivering specific high quality content.

You will have to give consideration to keyword research to make sure that the individuals who are going to your blog are extremely qualified because this will help you when when the time comes to profit from your blog.

Phase III – Monetize It

The key to monetizing your blog in a way that is profitable is to sell without selling. Creating a high quality blog like this can be accomplished with free website creation tools, but for the biggest impact and functionality using WordPress is very highly suggested.

With WordPress you canregularly drip feed new content to your readers and schedule your written content over days, weeks, and months to generate an almost hands-off income stream for yourself.

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3 Responses to “How To Create A Blog That Attracts Massive Readers In 10 Days”

  • Very informative post. I am sure this post will be a good guide for the beginners. The main thing I agree with the post is never look for the total number of results which is showing in SERP page. Instead of make your blog content unique and interesting. You can take some of the blogger as competitors and learns lessons from them by reviewing what they are doing everyday.

  • Rob on August 27, 2011

    Great advice, I have started down a path that has caused me to hit walls when it comes to Google traffic and ranking. Your advice in this article is making me think of new strategies to employ. Thank you,

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