How To Get More Backlinks And Rank High On Google

Would you love to know how to get more backlinks to your web page? It is a distinct reality that if you have a website but it is not getting any traffic than you might as well not own a site. The reality of the matter is that any site that is seriously designed for the goal of producing profits on the web must have targeted traffic.

As easy as this may sound it’s one of the areas of internet marketing that takes a steady amount of work and planning. One of the most efficient methods for advertising any small business on the net is the use of seo.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Seo is basically structuring and developing your website and its subject matter in a way that makes it easy for your website to be among the top results for a certain word or phrase.

In order to execute this effectively your website must have a significant amount of off page optimization happening. Off page optimization simply put, consists of the number of backlinks pointing to your site from other more respected sites around the net.

How To Get More Backlinks Creating Your Strategy

There are many misconceptions and half truths floating around the internet about what sorts of backlinks you should or should not acquire, but the fact of the matter is that it all boils down to how ‘natural’ your off page optimization appears.

The vast majority of website owners are validated in their issue to obtain as many backlinks to their websites as possible, but learning how to get more backlinks to your site is not the conclusion of the off page seo adventure by a longshot.

Understanding what sites, key terms and how fast to get them is essential as well. Additionally being familiar with link velocity, it’s also necessary to comprehend the need to vary anchor text as well as inner linking development.

What Is All The Excitment About Do Follow and No Follow Links?

There is a lot of commotion about having ‘do follow’ backlinks as these kinds of links are said to pass a measure of pagerank from an authority site that Google likes to your site.

Why Your Site Isn’t Showing Up On Googles’ 1st Page

Then again, regardless of the number of do follow backlinks that a site gets it can still end up trapped on page 2 or 3 without ever advancing to page one of Google for its’ keyword.

The trouble is not so much the competition who may be occupying the top spots, but more so that the volume of backlinks coming in to your website does not seem ‘natural’ to the search engines.

To resolve this problem you will have to balance some of your backlinks with ‘no follow’ links. There are any number of sites that you can make use of to get ‘no follow’ backlinks to your site.

A minute ago I brought up ‘pagerank’ which quite simply is a numeral assigned to your site by the search engines to figure out the level of authority your site possesses.

Generally the higher your websites pagerank is the more important your site appears to the search engines. This can have a very positive effect on the positioning of your site in association with the keyword you want to rank for.

However getting your site ranked higher in the search engines depends not so much on the authority of your website and more on the authority of the sites that are linking back to you.

Ideally you want to have as many high authority sites linking back to your site as you can get, but if every web site that is linking back to you has a high pagerank this may trigger the ‘not natural’ alarm from the search engines and cause them to index your site on page 3,5 or wherever they choose, but it won’t be on the first page.

Interestingly enough, on page optimization can actually effect whether or not your website will be able to rank for the keyword your aiming for. Quite often, a site may not be correctly optimized in terms of it’s title, description, metatags and content.

If a site is not effectively optimized in terms of on page seo, it can be almost impossible to get it to rank for the search term your aimed towards. Notice I didn’t say absolutely impossible, but it will definitely take a whole lot of links.

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