"How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Fast!"

Hey there,

Want to know how to get traffic to your blog fast? Do you think you can handle a massive torrent of targeted visitors? Well you’re gonna love this.

1) Create a blog and have each post “pre-sell” to your squeeze
page, and…

2) Set your feed up on My.Yahoo.Com (to increase SEO)

3) Find comments from other blogs and use trackbacks

4) Ping it with Pingomatic.com (no affiliation)

5) Post comments on other blogs

6) Join blog communities and blog carnivals – a simple Google
search will bring up many.

7) Make a Squidoo Lens based on long tail keywords

8) Post videos on YouTube with a link to your squeeze page, or
another “pre-sales” page.

9) Submit articles to article directories, such as EzineArticles,
GoArticles and more.

10) Use Facebook groups to link to your pre-sell squeeze pages. (Be
unique on Facebook, and you’ll be seen.)

11) Use Facebook flyers to advertise your squeeze page – if it’s a
mass appeal product.

12) Join Twitter and start posting as much as you can and following
as many people as you can. You can find me on Twitter at
http://twitter.com/webword/ …then you can post links to your
website casually.

13) You can also ask your followers on Twitter to Stumble your
pages at Stumbleupon, resulting in a surge of traffic. (You can
also get stumbles other ways, too.)

14) Make an affiliate program out of your squeeze page (offer a cut
of the backend products you’re promoting, if they’re yours) and…

15) Create a brandable, short report that your affiliates can use
to distribute your product.

16) Hit up big names in your niche and ask them if they’ll promote
your squeeze page in return for high backend profits.

17) Create a free video and then redirect it to your squeeze page
at the end. Encourage your affiliates to link to the video.

18) Join a giveaway. Give away a high quality free product on one
of these giveaways and you’ll have a list that will believe in the
quality that you give.

19) Create a wiki at Wikidot with highly optimized pages.

20) Create a forum and link to it – remember, all forum members are
basically on your list.

21) Use PPC ads from Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, Adbrite (I admit
we haven’t had good results with them, but some people have.)

22) Post high quality information to forums with a link in your
signature to your squeeze page.

23) Post high quality information to forums with tons of affiliate
marketers, and post a link to your affiliate program.

24) Write a press release about sites you release that pre-sell
your squeeze page, and maybe even your squeeze page itself.

25) Answer questions on Yahoo Answers related to your niche,
linking to your pre-sales pages or your squeeze page.

26) Interview well-known people in your niche. They will likely
link to the interview, and it will earn you more prestige.

27) Try to link to your blog from Wikihow and Wikipedia…but be sure
your links actually provide value.

28) Submit your “pre-sales” sites to directories such as dmoz.org.

29) Post ads on Craigslist for your pre-sales page.

30) Create classified ads on USFreeAds.

31) Create low cost eBay products and when people purchase, have
them opt-in to your list for a bonus.

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5 Responses to “"How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Fast!"”

  • Tom Lindstrom on January 2, 2009

    information rich post, thanks for posting it.Personally I like forum posting and blog commenting.These are ways to not only build links back to your site but you will also look good as an expert in your area.Instead of spamming the forums with useless comments, participate and contribute.

  • Rick Imby on January 5, 2009

    I agree with Tom. Blog posting helps to get traffic and ranking.

    Also adding your blog to a dofollow list helps. It appears you have nofollow turned back on though.


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  • ahmad on April 18, 2009

    I already practice some of the tips that you mention here and its really work.
    Anyway its a good share Nando

    • nando on April 18, 2009

      Thanks for the comments,

      There are so many different combinations you can use to get traffic flowing to your site, it just takes good old fashioned elbow grease.

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