How To Get Your Readers Emotionally Involved With Your Ad Copy

emotionalinvolvement2There are ads everywhere and because there are so many ads all around us on a daily basis many of us have developed the ability to tune them out.

This is the case even more so on the internet.

There is hardly a website that you can visit that doesn’t have some kind of advertising on it.

It’s because of this that it is becoming more and more important to find ways to get your visitors more emotionally involved in your ad copy if you want to see any kind monetary results.

To do this, you are going to have to do a little detective work.

You’re going to have to go undercover and find out where your ideal prospects gather to talk about their interests and listen very carefully to their conversations.

You could say that this is a form of keyword research but it doesn’t involve the usual routine of checking search volume and all that typical keyword research stuff.

The keywords you’re looking for will come from certain phrases and expressions used by the people who make up your target audience.

For instance, a phrase like, ‘I’m so sick of…’ or ‘I was very disappointed with…’ can be used to your advantage when writing your ad copy.

You can also look for more positive phrases like, ‘this product worked like a charm for…’ or ‘I didn’t expect xyz product to work as well as it did’.

To get your readers emotionally involved with your ad copy you need to include expressions typical of your audience within your content.

So if you wanted to attract potential customers to an info product offering a solution for dealing with a colicky baby, you could say something like…

“I Didn’t Expect This To Work. Who Knew Getting A Colicky Baby To Sleep Was As Easy As Using These Simple Techniques! At Last I Can Sleep Again!”

If you were promoting a product that teaches people how to make money online you could write something like…

“I Was So Sick Of All The Make Money Crap On The Internet That I Almost Quit Until I Gave This Stupid Technique A Try And Guess What? It Worked!”

In both headlines I used emotionally charged expressions that are common in each market to make an immediate connection with my audience.

Keep Pulling The Emotional Triggers

The key to succeeding with these emotionally charged expressions is not to forget to use them throughout the remainder of your copy.

The objective is to keep your reader emotionally engaged throughout the rest of your copy. You want them to be magnetized all the way to the point of purchase and beyond.

Of course the best way to get the most out of this technique is to promote or create products around topics that you’re emotionally interested in. As this will help you to put this ad copy tip to use naturally to the point of being second nature.


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