How to Make Money Online by Giving Away Free Stuff

It sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Give stuff away free and make money. How do you do that? Well let’s define briefly why this is the case. First of all when it comes to doing business online, the fact is that the vast majority of netrepreneurs are faceless.

Many people have chosen to do business online anonymously. This can be for any variety of reasons, but this in itself creates a trust barrier. How do you know that this person isn’t just going to take your money and run? Or worse, how do I know that they won’t sell my information and wreck my profile?

Building Trust With Quality Freebies

Top marketers online recognize this barrier to trust and as a way of building trust give away some of their best material. Freebies can be in the form of reports, ebooks, software and tons of other things. Think about the last time you received a freebie that you would have easily paid good money for. What did that do for your relationship with that marketer?

Profitable Long Term Results

By building your business in this manner, you will develop a level of trust that can easily translate into profits for years to come. Once you’ve developed that trust, the key is to maintain it.

Sometimes it’s better to take care of the trees and the forest will take care of itself. You can do this by catering to your market with an attitude of abundance and the relationships you build as a result will be reciprocal.

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