How To Prevent Commission Theft And Protect Your Income

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to start earning money online without much experience. However there is a drawback when it comes to promoting affiliate products in certain niches like the internet marketing niche for example.

Since most people in the internet marketing niche are familiar with the setup of affiliate links, it can be very easy for them to bypass your affiliate link, insert their own user id and take the commission from you and give it to themselves.

While many affiliate networks including Clickbank are continually working to prevent this from happening the bottom line is that every time someone takes your commission they are robbing you of time and money.

They are robbing you in terms of the time and energy you are exerting to generate the necessary traffic to your offer as well as the money that you deserve to be paid for putting in the work.

Cloak Your Affiliate Links

One way to prevent this from happening to you is to cloak your affiliate links. A simple way you can do this is to go into your Cpanel and open a new folder under the domain you wish to set up your cloak. You can name your folder something like: recommends, likes, resources, etc.

The next thing to do is go into that folder and open a new file and name it whatever the name of the affiliate offer is or something close to it.php. This would look something like: thegreatestproductever.php

Once you’ve set up your new file you’re going to need to add a piece of php code to it, so that when someone clicks on your link it will redirect your visitor to the affiliate product you’re promoting.

Here’s the script:


Simply insert your clickbank affiliate id or any other affiliate id you have where it says:

Make sure to click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ and the finished product should look like this:

Now every time someone clicks on your link it will simply redirect your visitor to the product you are promoting. It’s best to start an affiliate folder where you can keep a list of all of the products along with their affiliate links that you’re promoting as well.

Well that’s how you can prevent commission theft and protect your income. BUT…

If you are using WordPress to build your niche or authority websites the promote affiliate offers this process can become somewhat monotonous. So here’s a free plugin you can install on your blog/s with just a few clicks and accomplish the same effect without the same time investment.

It’s called WP Affiliate Links and you can download it right here for free.

Hope that helps you on your journey to a full time affiliate income,

P.S. A word of caution… if you are currently using a link cloaking plugin, leave it alone. I don’t want you to accidentally strip your blog of your affiliate links. Consider this recommendation ONLY if you’re not using any link cloaking plugins at the moment.

Have you been robbed of your commissions before? What did you to stop it? What do you recommend? Tell us by leaving a comment below…

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