How To Produce More In Less Time With Your Internet Marketing Business

If you are currently employed full time and building your internet marketing business part time, you probably find that you get more done with the limited amount of time you have.

What’s funny about that is the whole time you’re working under immense pressure, you keep thinking to yourself: ‘If I only had more time, I could get more done and speed things up’. You ever felt like that?

Now the real kicker is that when you do have those moments when you have the whole day to yourself to crank out some hardcore work… little if anything happens. As a matter of fact you probably would’ve been better off if you just took the day off completely. Why is that?

What Limited Time Forces You To Do

When you have only so much time to devote to a certain activity,  the natural instinct is to prioritize what is most important. It’s the burning building mentality. God forbid you suddenly had to leave your home in the event of a fire emergency, do you have time to sit around thinking what should I take with me?

Of course not and in response to the situation, you mentally focus on what’s most important and take action on that.

So since we have the inate ability to do this subconsciously in the event of an emergency, it is of critical importance to be able to harness that power when it comes to accomplishing our goals in connection with your internet marketing business.

Don’t Be A Clock Watcher

Ever notice how a day can drag when you keep looking up at the clock? I tell you it can seem like forever especially if you’re not to thrilled with your job to begin with. How do you combat this?

Find something to occupy your time with. Start a project that will take your mind off how much time is left until the day is over. How much faster does time fly when your mentally and physically engaged in something?

Application To Your Internet Marketing Business

When you have the whole day or a large block of time to get something substantial done to further your business along try this:

Shift your thinking. Give yourself a mental deadline to carry out your task. As an example from  9am – 10am write some articles. See how many you can write, submit and bookmark within that time frame. Maybe it’s one, two or three, but the main point is that you are taking focused action.

Now give yourself a break for 15-20 minutes and move on to another method of traffic generation or keep going with the same one it’s up to you.

Try to work in blocks of time from 40 min. to an hour each so that you give yourself enough time to get something done. At lunch time, take lunch.

Maybe the second half of your day could be focused writing a new chapter in your information product or creating an ecover. By now I hope you see how effective prioritization can be and hopefully this information proved useful to you.

Rooting for you,


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