How To Promote Clickbank Products Successfully

When it comes to learning how to promote clickbank products, it is very important to maintain a view of steady and persistent. Clickbank provides an excellent opportunity for anyone just getting started with affiliate marketing to make some good money.

The key to getting to the good money part is not to expect that the first product you promote right out of the gate is going to make you a million dollars.

Fortunately Clickbank does give you some statistics to work with that can help you to put a product portfolio together. You want to put together a product portfolio so that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

So how does this portfolio idea work? Simple. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary intel to determine if a product is worth promoting in the first place, you are going to set up a blog or squidoo lens that will serve as your landing page. On this page you’ll have content related to the product that will lead to an affiliate link.

To get traffic to that link you can write articles and submit them to Go articles, Ezine articles, Article dashboard and Searchwarp. This will get your traffic going.

Other methods you can use to promote your chosen Clickbank products are forum marketing, classified ads and youtube. If you have a windows pc with the xp operating system on it, than you have access to windows movie maker and you can easily create videos that you can upload to youtube to drive more traffic to your blog or lens.

Get each blog or lens setup and running with your first round of promotions running to it and then move on to the next one.

**Note** Before you input your affiliate links into your blogs and lenses make sure to use Clickbanks link tracking feature. This will allow you to gauge your winners and losers so you can make the necessary adjustments.

It’s going to take persistence and determination to make it work, because you’re going to need to drive at least 300-500 visitors to your site to get an idea of which product converts the best.

Unfortunately, this is the part where 99% of affiliates drop out because they get bored with the routine and start looking for the “easy button” and buying every program on the planet to find it. They end up getting discouraged, bitter and quitting… broke.

Try this mindset on for size: If it cost you ten thousand dollars to sign up as an affiliate, would you quit because you didn’t make any money in your first thirty days?

If you and I are anything alike in this regard, you’ll be working your butt off to see a return on your investment. The most successful affiliates online know this and have been down the road of discouragement and uncertainty before, but they didn’t give up and now live a lifestyle that most people will never live.

So if you want to learn how to promote clickbank products successfully, develop a ‘no quit’ attitude towards your business, because after all that’s exactly what it is… a business.

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