I Don’t Know and You Know What?

I don’t care.

Sometimes when my kids ask me questions about things I’m not particularly interested in, I will say…

“I don’t know and you know what? I don’t care.” (and then we’ll both chuckle for a second and move on.)

Little kids are naturally inquisitive.

It’s like the whole world around them is one Big adventure full of unknowns.

Which understandably is probably why they ask so many questions.

Why is the sky blue?

How did I get here?

That one is a timeless classic. (smirks)

But how a parent or adult chooses to answer those questions can do one of two things…

1. Draw the child closer to you

2. Repel them like a can of Raid on roaches

You can either take an interest in trying to help them get the answers or just shrug off the question with an irritated “I don’t know” answer.

Marketing other people’s products as an affiliate can have the same effect.

Without any ideas as to WHY the product or service being promoted is worth the investment, attracting buyers in that market will be near impossible.

The reason why is because someone who promotes products without genuine conviction about what the product can do to help people won’t be able to make a connection that will draw them to BUY.

It’s like trying to tell someone to go see a movie that you haven’t seen.

The natural question they’re going to ask is… “have you seen it?”

If you say “yes”, then they will be more inclined even if it’s just out of curiosity, to go see it.

But if you say “no”, then they are more likely to downplay any excitement or whatever that the movie has to offer and not go see it, because you will not be able to radiate the natural enthusiasm that comes with experiencing something first hand.

Make sense?


Yeah, but I can’t buy every product on the market before I promote it.


You don’t need to.

You can take advantage of any free trials associated with a product that you think will really be able to help people in your market.

You can email the product creator and ask for a review copy or something that will help you to get a better understanding of how the product helps people.

Find out what other people have said about the product in addition to the other two suggestions above.

Finally, you don’t need to promote every product under the sun.

All you need is to be able to find or create a product that you can vouch for from personal experience and then shout about it from the mountain top!

What do you think?

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