If Google Sucks Why Bother With Free Traffic?

whybother1Wow, it’s certainly been a little while since my last post hasn’t it?

Well i thought that it was interesting that not too long ago, I wrote about how trying to rank well on Google and increase PR (pagerank) was pretty much a time wasting activity and then in my next post after that I shared my strategy for getting free traffic to my blog.

I mean really, if in one post I’m saying Google sucks and that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to rank for your keywords than why bother writing a post outlining a free traffic strategy?

Doesn’t make sense right?

It’s o.k. I would be thinking the same thing if I were you.

So let me tell you why I would even bother to continue working a free traffic strategy despite the enormous amount of time needed to see results worth talking about.

Who knows maybe you’ll start to see more people talking about this at some point, maybe not but…

One of the biggest mistakes that people are making when it comes to free traffic generation is

…overlooking the value and volume of the traffic from the websites they are trying to get links from.

I mean it’s one thing to go after sites that have a high PR and alexa rank in an attempt to push pagerank through to your moneysite but if the content that is being placed on those sites reads like trash, why would someone want to click through to your main site anyway?

What is the likelihood of someone with an average level of intelligence actually trying to wade through the useless fodder that is found on most of these sites?

My take on this is a pretty simple one…

If you place quality content on your satellite sites or feeder sites than not only do you stand a far better chance of getting people to click through to the site that you want them to click to, but you’re building a more solid reputation for your business in the long run.

I personally think all the hype surrounding the quick and easy promotion of clickbank products has led many people to get into the mindset of doing whatever it takes to get people to click on their affiliate links which to be quite honest with you is not a business model.

It’s more of an act of desperation and todays internet users can smell it a mile away.

So essentially without setting any foundation for creating a real internet business, tons of traffic is being directed to affiliate products without a filter that allows for the affiliate to brand themselves or build a relationship for future marketing opportunities.

A total waste of time, when you consider the fact that the average conversion rate for the majority of clickbank products is barely 1%.

That’s why you’re better off producing…

…quality content that will build a solid reputation for your business in the long run instead of sacrificing the quality in hopes of trying to get a #1 ranking that probably won’t last long enough for you to profit from.

What do you think? Am I being to critical and narrow-minded or do you agree?

Here’s a video that sums up this post quite nicely…

P.S. Stay tuned for the release of my new eye-opening and thought provoking affiliate marketing report. I’m going to release the first chapter free and let me tell you, this is content that you won’t find anywhere else.

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