Important Changes to Clickbank & Google…|From The Inbox

Got a really cool update from Tim Godfrey of Commission Blueprint fame concerning a couple of things that will benefit your business and your bottom line. Check it out:

Got a number of important things to tell you about today…

One is regarding Google and other is to do with Clickbank…

First thing’s first though…

Clickbank’s new *HopAd Builder*!

Now, the odd thing is, not too many people  seem to know about this new tool, and I haven’t really seen these new ‘ad boxes’ placed on many websites either…

However, the potential of the HopAd Builder is huge and for some will be a perfect alternative to Google Adsense, especially  those who have content sites in markets that generate very low revenue per click.

What HopAd Builder does is allow you to create fully customizable ad boxes with affiliate links to clickbank products and as with Google Adsense you can alter the boxes to match both the look and content of your site.

The only difference from Adsense is that the system doesn’t ‘spider’your site to determine what the content on each individual page is about.. YOU have to designate the category yourself.

For instance if you had a site on dog training, you would go to the HopAd tool, submit the keyword ‘dog training’, your clickbank ID, choose the size, color and background of the ad boxes…and then swipe the code to paste into your site.

Then when someone clicks on an Ad and buys the product, you get paid the FULL Clickbank commission.

Pretty darn cool I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now, in my opinion, one of the best things about Clickbank’s new tool is that unlike Adsense, you can alter the ‘header text’.

With Adsense boxes, whether you like it or not, the system automatically displays the text “ads by Google” which makes it more difficult to blend the ads into your page.

However, with Clickbank you have the option to adjust this… and THAT is extremely good news because ultimately it will increase your CTR’s as well as your overall profits.

So as an example, instead of the default “ads by Clickbank” text, you could change it to show..

“Highly Recommended…”
“Check These Out…”
“Really Cool Sites…”
“This Month’s Picks…”

…and so on and so forth. Anything you want.

Clever, clever…well done clickbank…it really is an AWESOME feature and is extremely advantageous to those who use it.


Evidently the big question is this:

What’s going to make you the most money?

Adsense Ads or Clickbank Ads?

Well, this obviously depends on a number of factors…

If the content of your site is ‘Law’ for instance, and Google is diplaying the
highest paying ads on each of your pages, then obviously at $10 or more *per click*, Adsense is going to win hands down.

However, if your website content is about ‘affiliate marketing’ then the likelyhood is you’re only getting paid around 30c per click, depending which ads are being displayed.

So… let’s do the math on this:

As an example, take our product, “Commission Blueprint” which generally from a direct link and targeted traffic converts at around 3%…

…in other words for every 100 clicks, you’ll make 3 sales and generate $150+ in commissions.

So to confirm:

100 clicks = $150

If you had Adsense on your site and were being paid 30c for each individual click, that would equate to:

30c x 100 = $30

…in other words the Clickbank ad wins by a VERY substantial margin… and still would, even at 1% conversion rate!

So, again, whether the Clickbank ads will be more profitable for you or not depends entirely on the content of your site…

Although as always, the only way to know for sure would be to split test both scenarios.

How would you go about doing this?

Of course, the IDEAL way would be to place both an Adsense box AND a
clickbank ad box on a page simultaenously as you’d be able to determine which produced the best CTR’s not only the most amount of cash.

However, as you may know, Google typically doesn’t allow you to show other ad types on a webpage where you display Adsense, so the
only way to do it would be conduct a 2 week trial displaying one ad type at a time and see which of these periods makes you the most money.

Oh, and by the way you can also add tracking ID’s to your clickbank ads which makes it easy to recognize which sales are being generated by your test.

Of course, you *could* display both at the same time and hope Google doesn’t notice… but coming from the person who was banned
from Adsense a little over 3 years ago, it probably wouldn’t be best to take my advice on that one!

(Steve has a seperate account so we can still use the system by the way!)

Anyway, this new Adsense alternative is certainly something you should check out and you can take a look at it here:


(you may need to sign into your account before you access this page)


The second thing we want to tell you about is a slight change to Google’s Display URL policy within the Adwords system that took place on the 24th February.

This isn’t a huge change by any means but it WILL have an effect on those who are displaying URL’s as “subdomains”.

Basically what Google are insisting on now is that all display URL’s within an ad group must have the SAME top level domain.

To make this easier to explain, let’s imagine that the main domain we are using for an ad group is: “”

…and we are bidding under the keyword:
“dog training”

Before, one way of making our ads more relevant would be to create a Display URL like this:

…where as the correct sub domain useage would be actually be this:

Before you could get away with using the first instance, and even though it doesn’t seem THAT different to the second ad, under some keyword and domain combinations it would actually create a more effective ad
which in turn would increase CTR’s…

And that’s why advertisers we doing it.

But now Google have put a stop to it.

So to confirm…

A single Ad group containing the following Display URL’s DO conform with Google’s new regulations:

A single Ad group containing both the following Display URL’s DO NOT:

Although this change doesn’t seem that radical, the reason WHY we are telling you this is because we recommended the use of subdomain URL’s in our Commission Blueprint course so we thought it important to notify
you of these changes.

Ok that’s it!

Speak soon

Tim & Steve

So there you have it, hope this means more commissions in the bank for you.

To Your Success,

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