Increase Website Conversion: Will More Traffic Increase Website Conversion? Maybe… Maybe Not

increasewebsiteconversion1There are a ton of people out there with the mistaken assumption that if you just drive more traffic to a losing offer you’ll make sales. Well first of all you have to consider the offer… is it targeted to the right people?

Is anyone even interested in the offer itself?

If this is the case what can you do to increase website conversion and beef up your bottom line?

How frustrating it can be when you spend a  good amount of time doing everything you can to get visitors to your website to the point of almost pulling your hair out to make a sale and nothing happens.

It almost makes you want to quit sometimes doesn’t it?

But you know better than that so you keep at it and still nothing. whatsgoingon1

What gives?

As I mentioned earlier perhaps the offer is not targeted to the right people.

If you’re targeting PPC products and services to an SEO crowd I don’t think it’s going to work out to good.

The same could be said for targeting list building products to an adsense crowd, somehow your conversions may not be what you’re expecting.

Now that was just one area you might want to consider, you may also want to look at the sales copy on the site your promoting.

The product could very well be spectacular but if the sales letter only draws yawns and question marks the likelihood of seeing any conversions will be minimal at best.

In addition to the sales copy not pulling the way you need it to, there’s also the possibility that you’re selling the sales page before your prospect gets to the sales page.

It’s important to presell or soft sell your prospects so that clicking on your affiliate link seems more like a good idea in their minds versus a high pressure pitch from you.

More traffic is not the answer for a weak offer and if you want to drastically increase website conversions that will take your internet business to a whole new level of profitability remember to…

1. Make sure you’re targeting the right crowd
2. Inspect the salescopy for the right message to market match
3. Avoid selling the product… let the sales letter do it.
4. Help your visitors get into the right frame of mind by preselling


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