Internet Business Success – Building Value Through Perception

What determines whether or not you pursue the purchase of any given product online? Is it the sales copy, the graphics perhaps or is it…

The perceived value of the offer that is up for sale?

When you break any product down to it’s bare essentials, all you really have is the product itself which is probably in pdf, audio or video format, a salesletter to sell it, and the hope that the information contained inside will live up to your expectations in delivering on the goods.

Now when you take a moment to look at internet marketing from that perspective, what is it that makes the difference between a product that sells like gangbusters and a similar product that does nothing at all?

The perceived value of the offer.

If all of the products are basically the same, what is it that makes your credit card almost jump out of your wallet with an unrestrained desire to be charged when you see certain advertisements?

As previously mentioned, the perceived value of the offer when it is high enough will almost without fail cause your visitors to fumble for their credit cards every time to buy your product, like a drug addict in desperate need of a fix.

So how is this perceived value created and even more importantly how is it intensified so as to cause a frenzied response from your visitors?

One of the first things that can really get someone to almost go into a tailspin over an information product are really good graphics. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some graphics that were so captivating that it almost didn’t matter what the sales letter had to say.

But do you need graphics to generate a high impact response? Truth is… no.

What about websites that have no graphics, yet generate the same type of response?

Well placed high impact words and phrases appropriately grouped together and skillfully woven within a captivating story will almost always create an almost insatiable desire to want what you have to offer.

Ever read sales copy that was so riveting that you just had to keep reading to see if this just might be ‘the one’? As a matter of fact it’s so good that you can’t wait to get to the ‘buy’ button to get your hands on it as fast as you can.

But there’s more…

What about the price? You’ve heard it said: “You get what you pay for”. Well think about this, while it may seem easy to practically give away a product for peanuts, this almost always reduces sales, because when an offer is priced far below the perceived value of what it should cost, people instinctively will stay away from it.

It’s like having someone offer you what you perceive to be an expensive car for a cheap price. Instead of just jumping on the offer, your first reaction is to wonder:  “why is the car selling at such a cheap price?  What’s wrong with it?”

The same can be said for pricing your product too low.

How about this, you see an incredible offer that you would like to take advantage of, but money is tight right now so you’ll just have to wait, but just as you get towards the end of the sales copy, you find out that the offer is limited to the next 12 orders or the offer will disappear forever within the next 72 hours!

If all the other ingredients we talked about a moment ago were in order, there’s no way you can take the chance of missing out on what seems like a really excellent offer.

Next, good bonuses that really compliment the main product can send the perceived value through the roof when combined with all of the other components.

Testimonials or social proof along with a strong guarantee that basically says to your visitors, you’re NOT interested in trying to rip them off and are willing to assume all the risk and provide a no questions asked refund in the event that they are unhappy with the material, can turn an incredible offer into an absolute no brainer, you’d have to be crazy to pass this up kind of deal.

Your internet business success is riding on your ability to build value through perception and if you continually work to incorporate each of these points that we’ve just considered, the perceived value of your offers will induce more visitors to take action, more often, making you more money.


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  • Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbour were preparing to do some research about that. We got a good book on that matter from our local library and most books where not as influensive as your information.

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