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Get ready to see this email coming at you from every direction. Now the reason I put this up on the blog is because I’ve read the book and truly believe that there is some valuable content that can help you get over the hump.

If the email moves you great, if not that’s cool too, but get the book because there is some stuff in there that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s the email:

Something VERY exciting is coming your way very soon…

If you’ve ever wanted to discover the real secrets to a million-dollar
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My First Million

Ewen Chia, one of the internet’s best marketers is going to reveal
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Write down this date, circle it in your calendar, do whatever you’ve
to do to remember it:

*Thursday, February 26th, 12PM EST*

On this day, Ewen is finally releasing his first ever print book and you’re
in for the best deal of your life!

“How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!” will
be launched officially on:

*Thursday, February 26th, 12PM EST*

Make sure you buy the book on that day in the *first 24 hours* because
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“The Internet Millionaire System”!

This is an entire 6-module system with STEP-BY-STEP videos showing
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No hype. This is the real deal.

This system has NEVER been revealed before and will be removed after
February 26th, so make sure you grab yours as a bonus just for buying
Ewen’s print book on launch day.

Here’s the date again…

*Thursday, February 26th, 12PM EST*

Go here now to download your preview of the book with its entire table of

My First Million

I’ve read the book and it’s AMAZING.

You MUST get it.

Download the book preview now, read it immediately and you’ll see why…

My First Million

I’ll update you on the launch soon!

To Your Success,

Thanks for being a valued reader.

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  • I am running a small internet marketing business as my side business. This has helped me cut time when I’m free from my busy schedule. I really get satisfaction when I am my own boss.

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