Internet Marketing – Are You A Buyer or Marketer?

On many forums across the “make money online” niche there is a resounding cry that condemns marketers for marketing. The complaints steadily flow with regard to the amount of emails containing offers filling up their inboxes and they’re tired of it.

A quick question. How did that marketer happen to find his/her way into your inbox to begin with?

Answer. You opted in to receive further information, updates and offers related to your subject of interest. However does this mean that once you opt in to someone’s list that you are obligated to stay with them forever? Of course not. There is always the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the message.

The point is are you an internet marketer or are you an internet marketing product buyer? In order to get more buyers, you may want to seriously consider selling… something.

How many products have you purchased in the last week or month? Why? Was it an impulse buy or a business decision? Is the product you purchased contributing to the profitability of your bottom line or was it an excuse to be distracted? Yeah, hard questions, but necessary.

Get in the game and sell something, that’s how you will make money online.

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3 Responses to “Internet Marketing – Are You A Buyer or Marketer?”

  • Forgive me, but why would marketers who do marketing are condemned? In the first place, it is just a online marketing promotion strategy. If some people are bothered by it then it means that it is working and more effective than other methods that some people are using. If they do not like it, they should try to find a way on how to improve their online marketing promotion and not just directly condemn other people just because they had a better idea. You can log on this site to give you more insights.

  • Cool Gadgets on January 21, 2009

    No one should be condemned. I a gree to you. It is the interaction that makes more effective.

  • nando on January 21, 2009

    I agree with you, I guess it’s the difference of opinion between an active marketer and those who have yet to take action.

    Thanks for sharing!

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