Internet Marketing | Dan Kennedy’s 60/20 Profit Formula

Here’s an easy way to boost your profits by 20% or more!
(and it takes less than an hour to set up)

It works for resellers…it works for product owners…
and it even works for affiliates!

Here’s the story:

Last week I sold “The $5 Twitter Trick” (it sold out,
but you can still get it for $7)


I also sold the resell rights as an upsell (or choice)
directly on the sales page.

Before you continue reading, note that customers who
buy the product for educational purposes are usually
a different target group than customers who buy the
rights to the product to resell it.

What I learned from Dan Kennedy is this:

If you add a related product at 60% of the price of the
original product, 20% of your customers will buy the

I’ll tell you how this works on affiliate products in
a minute. But let me finish the story first…

The offer was 100 copies of “The Twitter Trick” for $5
and resell rights for $15 (then the price goes up).

If I could get an extra 20% profit for an hours work,
that would equal $400 an hour for my time (and that’s
exactly what happened).

Here’s what I did:

First, I found a PLR video product called “Twitter for
Internet Marketers over at

Then I created two upsell pages – one for my regular
customers and one for resellers.

The headline read, “Thank You For Your Purchase! Would
You Like to Add These Twitter Videos to Your Order?”

The reseller upsell page said, “Would You Like Resell
Rights to These Twitter Videos?”

Then there is a very short sales letter (like one page)
and a big “Add To Cart” button.

Below that was a link to continue to the download page.

Realize there is no pressure to buy. Just an offer like
they do at Amazon, “People who bought that book also

Now I priced the videos at $3.50 and the rights at $10
(60% of the original offer).

A little over 20% took the upsell, which added an extra
$430 to my pocket for about an hour of work!

Not be eh?

Let’s talk about how you can do this as an affiliate…

If you’ve read module 2 of Affiliate Cash Secrets, then
you should be familiar with this method:

Step 1: Create a related bonus to give to customers who
purchase through your affiliate link.

Step 2: Set up a registration page with an optin form
that verifies a transaction ID with simple JavaScript.

Step 3: Deliver the bonus via autoresponder and you
get a customer lead.

Here’s where the upsell comes in…

Let’s say, for example, you’re promoting Rob Benwell’s
Blogging product over at:


Inside that ebook, there is a recommendation for a
software product that lets you manage hundreds of blogs.

And of course, it has an affiliate program that pays
you commission.

Now if you could write a short report that reveals a
“Secret Software That Saves You Time and Boosts Your
Blog Profits by 300%”

And you added your affiliate link to the report…

And you promoted the software on your download page…

Then that, my friend, is an affiliate upsell.

That example was just off the top of my head and it may
not follow Dan Kennedy’s 60/20 rule because the software
is more expensive than the ebook.

So here are a few more examples for resellers or affiliates:

1. Sell an ebook on web design and upsell a graphics package
for 60% of the ebook price.

2. Sell an ebook on blogging and upsell blog templates

3. Sell a any video product and upsell the transcripts
or audio version.

As long as the upsell is directly related to and compliments
the original offer, then you should be able to add an extra
20% profit to your bottom line.

Derrick VanDyke is the author of Affiliate Cash Secrets. You can download his affiliate marketing course at

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