Internet Marketing Firesale – 5 Steps To Making A Ton Of Cash Fast

Over the last few years the concept of a firesale in internet marketing has become wildly popular. Internet marketing firesales in general represent a sell off of high quality products at rock bottom prices for a period of 7-10 days with the price gradually increasing until the close of the sale.
Because of the success that some marketers have experienced in the past using this technique, others have jumped on the bandwagon only to experience less than stellar results.
Here are 5 steps that you can take to insure a profitable firesale of your own:
1) Make sure to feature quality products that are worth promoting and will generate some excitement. If you push the same old tired resell rights products everyone else is pushing, your jv partners and potential prospects won’t respond.
You can try to create unique and exclusive products or hire out the work. Present products that are in line with what the market wants.
2) Create an unbelievable offer, one that will have your prospects subconciously saying to themselves “this is too good to pass up, I better jump on this right away!” An incredible offer can have the same effect of a buying frenzy in the stock market. Imagine tens of thousands of prospects falling over themselves in an attempt to snatch up your offer before it’s gone? Now that’s value.
3) Give your customers an opportunity to generate some cash flow by offering a customer only affilate program. Not only will you profit from their purchase, but you can also profit from the purchases their contacts make.
4) Stick to your guns when it comes to raising your prices and closing down your event. The sense of urgency that is created by fear of loss can dramatically increase sales. If your sale is 5 days then keep it at 5 days or maybe even one day before, but don’t go beyond your established time and risk lowering the credibility of your offer.
5) Enlist the help of as many power players as you can to create a buying frenzy for your offer. If you try to go it alone, the odds of hitting big numbers are low. By recruiting as many jv partners as possible, you can get a buzz going that will skyrocket your sales.
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