Internet Marketing Strategy: Reverse Engineer The Process

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The next time you come across a Google search result that makes you click on the link to find out more, follow the link all the way to the order page and then reverse engineer the whole process that got you there.

This particular internet marketing strategy will help you to understand the buying process and shortcut your learning curve immensely.

So what do we mean by reverse engineer? Basically we’re talking about walking backwards through the sales process from the end to the beginning.

The Starting Point

There are two places many people start from:

1. An email promotion

2. Google search engine

If a person comes from an email promotion, the key things to analyze are the keywords or phrases that pull you into the rest of the promo and ultimately to the affiliate link.

Once you’re on the sales page, how well did the email promo lead into the content on the sales page? Does the copy on the sales page continue to push your hot buttons?

What concerns do the bullet points address? ( the bullet points are answers to questions posted in forums and on blogs, they are the most effective part of the salesletter)

What kind of bonuses are offered and what does the product cost?

This process will help you to understand how effective marketing is accomplished and give you some idea as to what is needed to develop profitable marketing campaigns.

Turn Around And Walk Back

Now what you want to do is walk back through the campaign in reverse all the way back to the email and it’s subject line. By studying the process you can easily begin to see the pattern that exists among many of the high converting offers you may be attracted to.

As far as coming from the search engines go, the process is the same. Start with the text in the first link on the search engine results page all the way through to the order page and then back to the serps. ( search engine results page).

*Take notes as you walk through this process*

Reverse engineering is an internet marketing strategy that is commonly used by many of the most successful marketers online. The key is to stop buying everything and start analyzing the sales process more closely.

This process works great whether you are an affiliate or a product publisher.

You can use Clickbank to practice this technique as well as the promos in your inbox.

Once you begin to get a feel for how profitable marketing campaigns are developed, then you can begin to mirror the same techniques in your own promotions.

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