Internet Marketing Success: Bursting Through The Bubble Of Mediocrity

It’s so easy to do what others do and even easier to cast the blame when it doesn’t work out. It’s tough to come up with an idea or a plan and stick to it, especially when the level of success you hope for is not written in your DNA.

Have you ever come up with what you thought was a great plan only to talk yourself out of it before you got half way through it? It happens every day to thousands of well meaning people with really good ideas that never see the light of day because the feelings of self doubt somehow always creep in.

What makes it even worse is when someone else comes along with the same idea with the guts to pursue it and succeeds.

Achieving internet marketing success is only as difficult as you might tell yourself it is. This by no means is to say that it’s easy, nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to learning internet marketing, you have to learn a whole new language and a whole new set of rules in order for things to start working out and then, you have to apply what you know.

That’s where it gets sticky. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you might start to experience “Achievers Remorse”. You start to feel like maybe you don’t deserve to be successful, because maybe no one else in your family tree has dared to do something as bold and audacious as what your trying to do.

You may start to reason that the success you’re looking for as an internet marketer, belongs to other people, but not you. This is the bubble of mediocrity that many people find themselves trapped in on a daily basis.

There are many knowledgeable marketers online who could write volumes of books about how to do this stuff, who are silently living life in quiet desperation because they are mentally stuck in neutral. They know what to do, they know how to do it, but for some god forsaken unforseen reason, they just can’t get themselves to take action.

It’s this lack of consistent action, followed by a hidden lack of conviction and passion for what they are doing that keeps them from bursting through the bubble of mediocrity. That burst simply fades into a slight push or nudge once in awhile, whenever they get a short blast of inspiration.

Those intermittent pushes against the ever so fragile veneer of their self created bubble only serve as a taunting frustration of what could be, if only they could get themselves to take action consistently enough without wavering and second guessing themselves all the time.

You’ve heard it said so many times before that the real key to internet marketing success is to build a list and yet taking solid action to actually build one is like trying to work up the nerve to ask the prettiest guy/gal at the party to dance with you. What do you say? You know how bad you want it, but you just can’t get your body to do what you’re mind is telling you. The pain and frustration of stepping into the unknown of what could be is limited by the perception of your own reality and somehow when it’s all said and done, you still find yourself trapped in that bubble of mediocrity.

Well at last, there really is only one way to burst through that bubble and that’s to stop thinking about it and do it. If you want to burst through that bubble and see the reality of what could be, than you need to start taking action as if you’ve done it all before. Have you ever noticed how easy it is do something, once you’ve tried and done it a few times?

I’m sorry for the long post, but I’m not sorry for trying to encourage you, so let me give you an illustration to round out what I’m saying here.

Years ago I played semi-pro football and let me tell you, there were a lot of fears that I had to overcome there, but there was one particular moment during every practice and every game that my fear would be at it’s absolute highest.

The fear that fluttered around inside my gut like giant aggravated butterflies would always come to a heightened crescendo right before the kickoff. All the training and all the experience I had acquired, right along with all the exercise and all the skills I had developed, suddenly meant nothing, until I got my first ‘pop’. It was very difficult to settle down and get my nerves together, until I made that first contact with the opponent, then the  fear of the collision became the thrill of the hit and now I was ready to play.

Internet marketing success, can be yours once you make the decision to be successful at it. Once you’ve made that decision, then the fear of failure, will become the thrill of discovery and every moment thereafter will propel you forward, moving you closer to the fulfillment of whatever your long imagined dream is. So it’s time you burst through that bubble of mediocrity and claim the success that belongs to you.

Look the fear of failure in the eye and tell it to KYA (kiss your ***), because it’s time to experience the true reality that you have the power to create. What it all boils down to is this, the most important letter in the word sccess is U.

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