Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Legitimate Way To Earn Income Online?

There are a ton of home study courses online that claim to have the ability to generate income at the push of a button with affiliate marketing.

A good amount of them claim to be able to attract targeted traffic just by clicking a few buttons while others claim that all a person needs to do is click a few buttons and out pops a ready made commission generating website that will siphon profits from the internet on complete autopilot.

The main issue with the large majority of these claims is that there are a relatively low number if any real success stories of everyday ordinary individuals who are experiencing the results these types of affiliate marketing products claim to produce.

It’s with these results in mind that an individual could reasonably speculate as to whether or not affiliate marketing is indeed a real internet money making opportunity.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

Let’s discuss affiliate marketing for a moment and clarify what affiliate marketing actually is. To illustrate what affiliate marketing is about, let’s consider this example.

Tommy is a frequent flyer with a particular airline and as such has learned that this airline operates a program that will allow him to generate a commission each time he recommends another person who makes a reservation and books a flight.

In essence Tommy will make money everytime he refers anyone of his friends or family members to this airline and they purchase a ticket. The airline will designate a specific code to Tommys’ account that will automatically keep track of the referrals he makes and give him the credit for the sale.

The reason why this arrangement is such an attractive and lucrative proposal for Tommy is that he didn’t need to create his own airline, supply customer service or deliver the product to the customer. All he needed to do was simply point his friends and family to the airline, give them with a special discount code to use when booking the flight and get paid as a direct result of his referral.

MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing What’s The Difference?

This method of doing business is not new and has been going on for years. MLM commonly known as network marketing employs this method for offering goods and services to the general public at a reduced prices, while providing an opportunity for the referrer to generate income at the same time.

However when it comes to affiliate marketing on the internet, a person can pick and choose the companies they would like to partner with without the requirement of having to build a downline or talk with people face to face.

Today an individual can simply build a website in any particular market and recommend goods and services to their audience by making a link available to the website of the service they are recommending.

Everytime a referred visitor clicks on that persons affiliate link and buys something as a result of that referral, the affiliate who made the recommendation earns a commission based on the predetermined percentage set by the vendor in the affiliate agreement.

Does Affiliate Marketing Online Really Work?

Because of the simplicity of the process it is reasonable to question whether or not affiliate marketing online is to good to be true.

As simple as affiliate marketing seems, it’s not that cut and dry. It is vitally important to realize that affiliate marketing is still… marketing. In order to effectively marketing anything online, an individual would need to know the market they are targeting.

Truly profitable affiliate marketers have developed the ability to figure out which markets are profitable and how to match the right products and services to the needs of that market.

For people who take the time out to learn fundamental marketing principles and utilize them, affiliate marketing online can be a very worthwhile way to make money from the internet.

Are you a long-term thinker or are you someone who is looking for the ‘magic button’ to internet wealth? How you approach the business of affiliate marketing will most certainly have a bearing on the results you obtain.

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt a very effective way to begin making money on the internet but just like any other business it is undergoing changes on a constant basis.


What do you think about affiliate marketing? Have you had much success with it?

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