Is Content Marketing Worth Your Time And Energy?


Sometimes it feels like you’re just giving it all away right?

I’m talking about the content that your slaving away day and night to produce.

It almost feels like a never ending job sometimes doesn’t it?

Don’t worry you’re not the only one who thinks so.

So why bother?

Really when you think about it, how can you really expect to make money online if all you ever do is give your best content away?

An Unforgettable Experience

That’s what I used to think until I had an interesting experience that clarified why content marketing is not a waste of time.

The experience I’m referring to has to do with a Lexus test drive event that I recently attended.

Talk about first class treatment.

My appointment was early in the morning on a Saturday.

Little did I know that they were going to be serving breakfast a la carte.

The location was the brand new NFL Football stadium built in the Meadowlands, N.J.

Toyota which is the parent company of Lexus pulled out all the stops.

Not only did they arrange for breakfast to be served, but they also allowed us access to the football field as it was being prepared for a big game the next day.

They gave of all us in attendance a special video presentation detailing all of the features and benefits of their newest line of Lexus vehicles.

All at absolutely no cost.

As a matter of fact there was no sales pitch made at any time.

“How were they going to make money from this event?” I wondered.

In addition to all of the first class treatment I received, I also got to drive just about every vehicle they had there… more than twice.

The group I was in was small, so this gave everyone the flexibility of really seeing themselves as potential Lexus owners.

That’s When The Lights Came On

That’s when I realized that by allowing me to enjoy the test drive event as thoroughly as I did, they were in effect securing my business for the future.

First they needed to gain my trust.

In the product and in the company itself.

Second, I needed to see myself as a Lexus owner.

Third. The more I could see myself owning a Lexus, the more I found myself wanting to.

And you know what? The only place that I could get a brand new Lexus is… from a Lexus dealership.

You see, the test drive event was part of a marketing funnel designed to drive targeted, hot and ready prospects to local Lexus dealerships.

Pretty smooth operation right?

Content marketing works pretty much the same way.

At first it may seem counterproductive to give away your best information for free.

It may even take a little bit of time to develop an audience.

But the responsiveness of your audience as they advance through your marketing funnel towards doing business with you is the long term reward.

That reward will be as a result of the trust you developed with your audience because you gave them access to your best material upfront with no strings attached.

Content Marketing and Clickbank

The content marketing strategy is especially effective in the promotion of affiliate products like the kind you find on Clickbank.

Once you’ve identified the kind of content that will give your readers that first class experience the next thing to do is set up a Google proof blog.

Blueprint Pro can show you exactly how to create a blog that won’t get slapped, panda’d or penguined.

Here’s a short video further explaining the value of content marketing…


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