Is Internet Marketing A Theory or Reality To You?

How often do you take action in your internet marketing business? Are you a weekend warrior? Does the thought of making money online merely sound good to you? or are you in the trenches everday taking action?

There are a lot of good theories out there that sound absolutely amazing, but ain’t worth the blog they are posted on. Sound harsh? maybe, but if you’ve spent some time actively working on your blog or whatever it is you’re doing, all you have to do is track your results to know what works from what doesn’t.

You don’t have to buy every product in the market place to find out either. Pick a strategy and gun it for a week and you’ll be able to see whether or not it ‘s worth the time or effort. Often times I hear of and from many people who are just starting out with internet marketing and the story remains the same…

I just started writing a blog and I know it’s only my first week, but I’m not seeing any real traffic yet or I haven’t made a sale yet.

So many people are struggling to make money on the internet because in their minds it’s still just a good idea, it hasn’t become a real business to them yet. This internet thing just sounds like a way to make some quick cash without making any committment or putting forth any real effort.

Well just to put it to rest the ‘theory’ concerning making money on the internet is real. The question is: when does it become real to you? You see your job is real to you. You go to work… you get paid. Only problem is that you can’t write your own paycheck. You get what they give. Period.

With internet marketing the same applies except, you can write your own paycheck, but now that you’re the boss there’s no one to make you get out of bed and DO it.

I’m sure that if someone took out an ad in the sunday times looking for someone to help them build their business online, people would probably flock to it because they don’t have to commit to actually building the business, but they would be able to do the minimum and get paid.

Problem is that doing the minimum would only earn them minimum wage. Crazy world, but that’s how it is.

So if internet marketing is more than theory to you and you’re committed to building a real business that makes real money…

Get real with it.


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