It’s Amazing What Taking A Little Action Can Lead To

Well I’ve got a short post for you today and the whole Facebook IPO thing is responsible for it.

As the stockmarket gets ready to welcome it’s newest member to the bigboards you can’t help but think of how innocently and mistakenly it all came about.

I mean, here’s a young college student who comes up with what seems like a relatively simple idea to create a website that will allow people from wherever they are to get and keep in touch with other while connecting them with their friends as well.

Big whoop.

Then in just a few short years the idea becomes this multi-billion dollar juggernaut with stock market analysts already calling Facebooks IPO the largest initial price offering in the history of the tech sector.

Who knew?

This just made me think about internet marketing from the average joe little guy perspective. After all wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg just another average joe before it all happened?

How many times have you or I come up with what we thought was a good idea? Did you pursue it or did you talk yourself out of the possibilities before it had a chance to come to life?

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done it at least a dozen times and everytime I do it, someone else comes along with the courage to give it a shot and makes it work.


It’s that old saying come to life: “Fortune favors the bold”.

What do you think about the whole Facebook thing? Have you ever attempted something beyond the idea stage? How did it/did it not workout? Share your thoughts below…

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  • Diego on May 20, 2012

    Straightforward and well written, I really appreciate the information.

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