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Welcome to another edition of the inbox, today there was an interesting post that I’d like to share with you . Everyone involved with internet and affiliate marketing receive hundreds if not thousands of emails a day.

The noise can be deafening, well check out what one marketer had to say:

” Don’t you just hate it when you receive emails almost every
day from the same guy pitching all kinds of products.

And to make it worse…

It’s usually not just ONE guy, it’s 5 or 10 guys promoting
the same product every day.

One day it’s about Google bla bla bla (insert the product
name here) and the next it’s about Squidoo or MySpace


And they use the same storyline “…my good friend bla bla
bla has just released bla bla bla and you need to get it now
because it’s the only one thing you need to buy”

…when a few days later they say the exact same thing but
this time referring to a different product that they’re

My oh my.

Seriously, do these “gurus” think we’re stupid or what?

I mean, here they are sending us sales pitch email after
sales pitch email and they expect us to still be opening
their emails?

This is absolutely CRAZY!

Who in their right mind will open their emails?

I don’t have a problem with them doing sales pitch once in
a while. But to do it every day without providing any value
to their subscribers?

Come on…

I’ve made a post about this and I call it “Crazy Guru Promo
Emails”. See for yourself here:

==> It’s Us VS. The Crazy Gurus

Chat soon…

Welly Mulia

PS. Oh I forgot to mention. If you’re a guru, please don’t
read it because this is definitely not for you. PEACE.

PPS. I may get some hate mails flowing to my inbox from the
gurus, but who cares! I just want to tell my side of the
story (and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to how I feel).

Go check it out:

==> It’s Us VS. The Crazy Gurus

Welly’s got some good stuff on his blog. Check it out.



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