Jackie Chan Retires From Making Action Flicks… there goes the neighborhood

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Jackie Chan was actually retiring from making action flicks. To be quite honest with you I was hoping that him and Chris Tucker were going to make Rush Hour 4 but I guess not.

Maybe they’ll make one anyway and he’ll just use a stunt double like they used to back in the day… who knows?

So what the heck does Jackie Chan’s retiring from action flicks have to do with internet marketing?

Hold on pal… I’m getting to that.

There are some big name marketers who have retired from the internet marketing business but that doesn’t mean that more and more people will not continue to look to the internet to start a business.

Are you willing to step up and help them?

Likewise just because Jackie Chan isn’t going to be doing his stunts anymore doesn’t mean that the demand for martial arts action flicks will go down.

On the contrary, as a new crop of martial arts action movie buffs pops up so will the need for the ‘next Jackie Chan’ and it’s highly likely that the next one will probably have had some training from the original.

The point is that the demand for real internet marketing training and coaching will only continue to grow so long as the opportunity exists and the economic situation continues to exhibit signs of ongoing instability.

So yes, while we are sorry to see long time staples in the internet marketing industry move on, that just means that there is yet ample opportunity to step up to the plate and become a mentor for the many people that have yet to venture onto the super information highway in hopes of starting a business of their own on this wonderful thing we call ‘the internet’.

Btw, one of my favorite Jackie Chan flicks was ‘The Big Brawl’. What was yours?

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  • Aww going to miss jackie for his actionj packed movies for sure!

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    • Nando on May 24, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by! If you have any suggestions on what I can do to improve this site please feel free to share them… thanks.


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