Jump From Project To Project and Still Make Money?

The major killer for many budding affiliates is the inability to focus on one program at a time. Often times much of the distraction comes from the promotions contained in your email. In order to take advantage of these promotions a simple fact cannot be overlooked.

Each of these offers requires that you drive traffic to them in order to make sales.

Is it really possible to jump around from project to project and still make money?

According to John and Matt Rhodes also known as the “Rhodes Brothers”, not only is it possible, but it can turn out to be quite profitable. It sounds crazy but they’ve created a video outlining exactly how this works.

The method is called the 10x Method and once you see the video you’ll be surprised at how effective this method can be. The video is free and if you would like to see how the 10x Method works

Click here to watch the video

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