List Building – Should You Copy The Guru’s?

makemoneybagList building is where the money is.

No, correction it’s where the BIG money is in internet marketing.

Some of the top marketers online have managed to develop lists the size of small third world countries, pulling in truckloads of cash with a single email.

Question is:

Can the techniques that some of these guru’s apply work for you?

What does it really take to build a profitable mailing list of loyal subscribers?

The secret is in the relationship you develop with your subscribers.

It has been proven that marketers with relatively small email lists have been able to outsell marketers with massive lists because…

They have learned how to effectively build rock solid relationships with their subscribers.

With this kind of relationship in place even small lists can be very profitable due to their responsiveness.

But you’re probably wondering what in the world do these guys say to their subscribers to get them to feel that way?

What kind of content do they send their  subscribers?

How often do they mail their lists?

What is the ratio between content and offers?

Do they sell their own products or affiliate products?

Can a newbie do it?

All very good questions, because the wrong sequence can literally kill your chances of ever creating a full time income from your list.

To get the answers to these questions and start seeing profitable results even if you’re a newbie with a tiny list, click below…



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