Looking Back at 2008

2008 was a year of incredible change and challenges. It was back in December of 2007 that I started on this intense journey of internet marketing. So much to learn, so little time.

The funny thing about it when i look back is that I was exposed to internet marketing a couple years before 2007 and I thought it was something that I just wouldn’t be able to do.

I didn’t know anything about computers and the thought of learning how to make a web page and sell something online was just way more than I could handle. Now doing these things is as natural to me as tying my shoes.

While I didn’t exactly pull down any heavy weight income to brag about, the fact is I did make some money. More than I expected. But there are still alot of wrinkles to iron out in my own processes and 2009 will see me spending more time on one thing than all my time on everything.

How about you?

Did 2008 see you moving closer to your goals, maybe even reaching some of them? Have you started devising your gameplan for 2009?

If there is one thing I’ve learned from all of this it’s: “You will win, if failure is not an option”

This year will be filled with lots of action and focus. The goal is to crush my 9 to 5 and not look back. I know that it’s possible and it will rely on my taking responsibility and being accountable for making business decisions that will result in making a steady income and enjoying more time with my family.

After all I got started with internet marketing to build a business for them, not instead of them.

Anyway those are my closing and opening thoughts going forward into 2009. Would you like to share yours?

To Big Success in 2009,


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