Make Money Blogging: Why It Won't Happen For Some People

With the amount of blogs that exist and are being created daily, it’s any wonder that someone could make money from a blog at all. However what this illustrates is just how vast the online market really is.

When I think about this I’m reminded of a small area where I live, that has a ridiculously high concentration of automotive repair shops. These guys are literally on top of each other and yet somehow each one of those shops makes money every day.  A large portion of those shops have been there for years.

An Important Realization That Needs To Be Made…

If you want to make money blogging, it’s important to realize just how vast the market is on the internet. Every day there are more people just starting to use the internet, more schools are teaching via the internet than ever before, more companies are becoming more digitally inclined as they look for ways to stay one step ahead of the competition and the list goes on and on.

Case in point, my wife works for a small masonry company that has been in business for fifty years and they don’t even have an internet connection. So let’s talk about why some people won’t make money blogging.

Don’t You Need To Be An Expert?

One big misconception is that you need to be an expert about something. While this may be helpful, it won’t be the thing that motivates you when you don’t feel like blogging.  So what do you need?  Passion.

If you have a passion for the subject matter you’re discussing, you’ll take the time to find out what you don’t know and eventually you’ll end up becoming an expert. Having a passion for your topic will give you the audacity to speak your mind, regardless of what others think.

A Word About Reading Other Peoples’ Blog’s…

Another reason why some people won’t make money blogging is because they are too busy reading everybody else’s blog and not blogging themselves. You can read other blog’s, but if you’re not going to agree, disagree or whatever than there is nothing to monetize.

The Dreaded Fear Of Monetization…

Fear of monetization is another reason that keeps people from seeing any ROI with their blogs. There’s this big fear that maybe your visitors won’t like you because you offered them something related to the subject matter that they were already interested in?

It may be helpful to look at it this way; when you’re visitor stops by your store (blog), there was already a level of interest, especially if they visit more than once. So offering products related to their interest can serve as a way of increasing the value of your blog to your visitor.

But Someone’s Already Done That…

The, it’s already been done before mentality. Comparing yourself to another more established blogger is o.k. if it serves as a positive peer pressure to increase the quality of your posts and offers, but it will kill your enthusiasm and dampen you creativity if you are trying to be just like them.

Are You A Wal-Mart Blogger?

Lastly, don’t be a Wal-Mart blogger. I have nothing against Wal-Mart in fact I think they have a secret $100 cover charge, because every time I walk in there, I can’t walk out without spending $100 bucks. Anyway, if you’re blog is going to cater to every possible market at large, then you’re going to need  Wal-Mart traffic.

And unless you have the advertising budget to get that kind of traffic, you’ll never see any real dollars from your blog.

Well, guess what? This post is finally over. Whew! Keep tightly targeted to your passionate interests, speak your piece and provide a means of monetization that adds value to your visitors. Before you know it, you’ll make money blogging.

To Your Blogging Success,


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